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Made in Texas The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 from Larson Electronics is a Magnetic Antenna Mounting Plate that allows operators to install up to four antennas on their 2021 Ford Superduty F550 aluminum body pickup trucks without drilling any holes. This magnetic antenna mounting plate is ideal for law enforcement, DOT workers and anyone else who needs to easily mount an antenna, but doesn`t want to drill holes in their truck. This lightweight mounting plate allows operators to mount antennas on their trucks without drilling into the body of the truck itself. This mounting plate can support antenna arrays of up to 20 lbs. The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 features a steel plate to accommodate antennas with magnetic bases and is compatible with 2021 Ford Superduty F550 aluminum body pickup trucks.
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The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 is constructed in Texas from durable aluminum for the frame and brackets and steel for the mounting plate surface. This mounting plate has been designed for 2021 Ford Superduty F550 aluminum body pickup trucks and offers operators a sturdy and reliable platform to deploy magnetic mount CB antennas, radio antennas and antennas from other equipment on the top of their truck for optimal performance. The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 is installed via the rear cab lights and has a weatherproof seal on the back side for secure, dry installation and protection against scrapes to the body of the truck. The mounting plate requires absolutely no drilling for installation and is powder coated for added durability, can support up to 20 lbs and is offered in a black, white, or grey finish. The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 also features a windload okay for highway speeds. (User provided equipment may vary.) Installation of Lights/Equipment: The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 allows operators to securely install their magnetic base antennas to the steel mounting plate without any need for drilling into the plate or the body of their truck. Depending on the size of each antenna`s base, this mounting plate can hold up to four antennas and support a total of 20 lbs of antennas. Once the desired antennas are installed, the entire assembly can be mounted to the truck via the third brake light as explained below. The versatility of magnetic mounting also allows for antennas to be removed or added after the VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 is installed without any need to remove the entire mounting plate. Truck Installation: The VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 is easy to install and requires absolutely NO drilling to mount to the truck. This mounting plate installs via the 3rd brake light on 2021 Ford Superduty F550 aluminum body pickup trucks between the body of the truck cab and the light. Operators simply remove their 3rd brake light, position the mounting plate bracket and reinstall the light through the bracket. Having a reverse camera in the 3rd brake light (NOT in the tailgate or bumper) will change the mounting bracket design. Those with a camera must choose the "camera" option in order to get the correct design. Please choose the appropriate option below. *Please note that the VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 is designed for trucks with incandescent 3rd brake lights ONLY. Operators with LED 3rd brake lights will require the VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021-LED. Incandescent mounting plates and LED mounting plates are NOT interchangeable.*
Aluminum Body VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 Steel Plate For Mounting Magnetic Mount Antennas
Applications: Hunting, fishing, off-roading, property management, security, search and rescue, farming operations, law enforcement, DOT and any other applications for which a roof mounted antenna is needed for 2021 Ford Superduty F550 aluminum body truck owners. Specifications / Additional Information
VMP-MAM-FSD-F550-2021 Magnetic Mounting Plate for Antennas Ratings/Features:
Type: Magnetic Mounting Plate Durable Construction
Compatible Truck Models: 2021 Ford Superduty F550 Aluminum Mounting Frame & Bracket
Frame Material: Aluminum Works with Most Magnetic Antennas
Mounting Plate Material: Steel Weatherproof Seal
Bracket Material: Aluminum Made in the USA
Weight: 8 lbs
Windload: Highway Speeds
Weight Capacity: 20 lbs
Installation: Via Rear Cab Lights
Seal: Weatherproof
Compatible Spotlights: Any Magnetic Mount Antenna(s) of up to 20 lbs
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