1 KVA Mini Portable Power Distro, 480V-277V 1PH, L8-20FI Inlet, L7-15R Receptacle - N3R


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The Larson Electronics MPD-CM1-NTL.20AB-SE1SM-AA-1.L10-M1 portable power distribution converts single-phase 480V AC input voltage and steps it down to single-phase 277V AC output voltage. All system components are protected by a powder coated steel enclosure with a top located handle for mobility.

The MPD-CM1-NTL.20AB-SE1SM-AA-1.L10-M1 portable wheeled spider box from Larson Electronics is built to provide operators with a reliable source of 277V power. This spider box is designed for portability and convenience as well as durability. Featuring an elevated base platform for protection from standing water and weatherproof construction, the MPD-CM1-NTL.20AB-SE1SM-AA-1.L10-M1 is ideal for powering 277V equipment and lighting in construction, entertainment, job-site, marine and outdoor locations where generators are providing the power.

This portable spider box features one L7-15R NEMA twist-lock receptacle that provide sealed and secure connections for one device. The receptacle provides 277V for powering high voltage lighting and equipment without the need for running additional extension cords. The MPD-CM1-NTL.20AB-SE1SM-AA-1.L10-M1 power distribution unit features short circuit and overload protection. In the instance of circuit overload, the unit automatically shuts down to protect the unit from damage and operators manually restart the system.

Operation: A 20-amp L8-20FI 480V NEMA twist-lock inlet brings single-phase 480V AC power to the primary side of the system and passes power to the transformer. The NEMA 3R 1 KVA transformer converts single-phase 480V AC to single-phase 277V AC and passes the current to the secondary side of the system. The secondary side contains one 2-amp 1-pole 277V miniature circuit breaker protecting one 15-amp 277V L7-15R NEMA twist-lock receptacle.

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