1PH Buck/Boost Step-Up Transformer - 208V Primary, 229V Secondary - 41.7A 50/60Hz - 100A Breaker


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The MPD-MT-BBT-CB-208V-229V-41.7A-100AB Single Phase Step-up Buck and Boost Transformer from Larson Electronics is powerful, reliable, and designed with the environment in mind. This transformer is designed to increase 208 volts to 229 volts, and is needed when the line-voltage is lower than the required voltage for equipment. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the MPD-MT-BBT-CB-208V-229V-41.7A-100AB provides increased reliability, higher efficiency, protection against critical equipment failures and an extra level of protection by isolating the power source from the connected device. The lower operating costs, lower heat emissions and lower cost of ownership make this transformer ideal for a wide range of applications and businesses.

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