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Due to its cast aluminum head, the Acro 990 is a top heavy when set upright at the fully articulated angle.  Due to the height and the articulation, the torque placed on the magnetic mounting plate with a single magnet can be problematic in high vibration environments or when mounted perpindicular to the ground.   The dual magnetic base secures two 5 inch diameter, 200 pound grip magnets to a set of 2 brackets attached to the bottom of the Acro 990 battery base or the Acro 990 Vehicle Adapter.  With 400 pounds of magnetic grip distributed over 12 inches of area, this offsets the weight and height and angle of the RL-10.  The addition of the second magnet compounds the gripping power by spreading the grip over a larger area while distributing the base support.    Designed originally for utility boom trucks and other heavy equipment and vehicle mount operations.  Operators can attach the articulating light to the boom in order to take advantage of the articulating light head. The dual magnetic base mount attaches to the base of the battery or vehicle adapter via 4 screws which secure 2 brackets to the base.  Caution:  Be sure to remove the light by "scooping" the magnetic base bracket from beneath the battery.  Do not pull on the light to remove the magnetic bases from the mounting surfaces.

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