Industrial Aluminum Pole - Extends from 3.19 to 8.35 Feet - Plastic T-Head


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ALU-P-158 Telescoping Aluminum Pole Features
Type: Telescoping equipment/light pole CNC Machined Precision Parts
Dimensions: Extends from 3.19` to 8.35` - 1.375" OD Lightweight Design
Weight: 3 lbs Air Cushioned Chamber Prevents Equipment Damage
Materials: Aluminum Locking Tabs
Weight Capacity: 100 Pounds No Tools Required to Adjust
Mounting: Plastic T-Head
' Product Overview '
The ALU-P-158 from Larson Electronics is a telescoping pole to raise equipment above a work site or other environment. The "magic" telescoping pole is constructed from lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum and top mounting plate with a plastic T-head that will accept any light fixture from Larson Electronics along with many other devices. This telescoping aluminum pole has a pneumatic braking system to prevent unexpected or sudden collapses of the pole. The telescoping pole stands 3.19 feet tall when fully closed and can reach heights up to 8.35 feet when fully extended. Pole Features: The ALU-P-158 can easily support weights of 100 pounds when fully extended which gives the pole the versatility to hold a wide variety of equipment. Any equipment mounted on this aluminum telescoping pole will not become damaged thanks to the air cushioned chamber. The chamber provides a slow and controlled descent of the pole even with heavy equipment or lighting attached. Harsh drops cannot happen even if the operator accidentally lets go of the pole during the lowering process. The lowering process on this telescoping aluminum pole is easy. The operator simply lifts up on the self-locking collar and allows the sections of pole to lower into the unit. This adjustable telescoping pole has a 1.375" OD and comes with a plastic T-head for mounting equipment. The pole also works with a wide variety of user provided mounts. Common mounting includes U-bracket mounts to the side of flat surfaces. Additional mounting options sold by Larson Electronics allow users to attach the pole to a wall, trailer, the exterior of boat cockpits etc, then slip the pole into the bracket and lock it into place. Once positioned the aluminum pole can be collapsed to 3 feet and extended to 8.5 feet. This adjustable mounting pole is ideal for boats as operators can mount this next to the console and elevate lights up to illuminate the boat and the surrounding area. By elevating the lights this high, they can eliminate casting and glare while better illuminating a larger area. Essentially, this adjustable pole provides the benefits of having a mast mounted light without actually having a mast. Once the lights are no longer needed, the pole can be collapsed down and the lights secured before getting underway. Similarly, these poles are ideal for attaching lights to trailers. Operators can park the trailer, extend the lights to their maximum height, and illuminate a large area around the trailer. Once finished with their use, the pole is simply collapsed and the lights stowed for travel. This is a highly convenient setup for those who manage events and gatherings where trailers are used as portable operations areas.  

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