Hazardous Area Telephone – ATEX Zone 1, Zone 21 - 24-56V DC


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Hazardous Area Telephone €“ ATEX Certified Quick Summary
Device Type: Telephone (Indoor) ATEX Zone 1, Zone 21 Approved
Dimensions: 10.8€ H x 9.6€ W x 5.8€ D T5 & T6 Rated
Modes: Quick Dial, Flash, Redial IP66
Operational Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC ISO 9001 Certified
Operating Temp Range: -30°C to +60°C Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)
Keypad: Silicon
Ringer Sensitivity: 40 -100 V, 16 - 25 Hz
Loop Current: 26 - 100 mA
Connection: Terminal Blocks
Fuse- Main Telephone CCT: 250mA - Auto Reset
Hook Switch (Cradle Switch) Life: >1 000 000 Operations
Wiring Access: > 2 x M20 & 1 x M12 Cable Gland Entry Points
Microphone: Dynamic Noise-Cancelling
Audible Range Frequency Response: 300-2400 Hz
Transmit Objective Loudness Rating: Nominal -38.5 +/ - 3 dB
Receiver Volume Adjustment: 8 Steps, 2 dB/Step
Receiver Objective Loudness Rating: Nominal 50 +/- 3 dB
Ringer Impedance without Ring Detect Relay: >7K Ohms @25 Hz, 30-90 VAC >4K Ohms @ 50Hz, 30-90 VAC
Ringer Impedance with Ring Detect Relay: >>4K Ohms @25 Hz, 30-90 VAC
Set Impedance: 600 Ohms Nominal
Maximum Loop: 15Kft ( ~4,600m ) of 22 AWG Wire
Hands Free Speaker Output: ~85dB @ 1 Meter
Relative Humidity: 95% (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions: 9.6€ W x 11.4€ L x 5.8€ H Phone:1-214-616-6180
Body Material: High Impact Thermoset Compound
Mounting: Reversible Base for Desk or Wall Fax:1-903-498-3364
Weight: 8.5 Lbs
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics ATEX-EPPH-229AH is an ATEX Zone 1, Zone 21 approved telephone designed for use in hazardous work areas, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, off-shore rigs and settings where combustible gases or dust may be present. This IP66 hazardous area telephone has a programmable keypad, pulse dialing, receiver volume control and is hearing-aid compatible. The telephone operates on 24-56V DC. This hazardous area telephone can operate in temperatures ranging between -30°C and +60°C, making it suitable for subzero environments. The housing is IP66 rated and is constructed of static dissipative, high impact thermoset industrial compound. The unit includes corrosion resistant hardware and a urethane coated watertight silcone keypad. The telephone weighs roughly 9 pounds, and is 11.4€ long x 9.6€ wide x 5.8€ tall. The €œG€ style handset features a noise-cancelling microphone, as well as robust volume control. An armored cord can be found on the device for extended usage and the keypad is urethance coated with watertight silicon. This hazardous area phone has a handset and hands-free speaker mode. A self-resetting fuse prevents damage to the electronic circuits if a high voltage spike occurs. This telephone supports 24-56V DC with a built-in ring detect relay to switch up to 240V @ 5mps, and includes terminal blocks for connection to power. A backlit LCD display features 2 lines up to 16 characters in English, Spanish or French, and a 20 number memory including 10 quick dial numbers and a programmable auto hang-up timer. Two M20 and one M12 gland entires are included. The ATEX-EPPH-229AH has quick dial, flash and redial. This device operates in temperatures ranging between -30°C and 60°C with 95 percent (non-condensing) relative humidity and an IP66 ingress protection rating. The unit has na audible range frequency response of 300-3400 Hz with a hands free speaker output of ~85dB @ 1 meter. The phone has a noise cancelling microphone, hearing-aid compatible receiver and can be mounted on a desk or on the wall.  

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