30W Explosion Proof POE Injector - ATEX/IECEx Rated - Adds Power Over Ethernet Functionality to 24V POE Equipment - 1.25A


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ATEX-EXP-IP-POE-INJ-24V-30W-HLP Explosion Proof POE Injector Ratings/Approvals
Device Type: Explosion Proof POE Injector Listed for International, Europe, Asia
External Dimensions: 4-17/32"H x 6-1/8"W ATEX Ex II 2 G / D
Internal Dimensions: 3-3/32""H x 4-1/4"ID IECEx db IIC Gb
Internal Volume: 31 cu. in. IECEx tb IIC Db IP66
Weight: 4 lb NEMA Type 3, 4, 4X, 7 (B,C,D), 9 (E,F,G)
Voltage: 120 V or 240 V
Cover Material: Copper-free Aluminum Alloy
Allen Head Cover Screw Material: Cadmium Plated Steel
Sealing Gasket: Neoprene O-ring
Ground Screw Material: Zinc Plated Steel w/ Green Dye
Enclosure Finish: Silver Powder Epoxy Paint, Electrostatically Applied
Watts: 30W
POE Voltage: 24V
Max Amp Rating: 1.25A
Cast-in Mounting Pad Configuration: X Special Orders - Requirements
Design: Single Cover Box Only
Wiring Hubs: Offset Feed-thru (3/4" NPT)
Wiring: 10' 16/3 SOOW w/ Hazloc Pin/Sleeve Plug
Cord Cap Options: 16-Amp Rated HLP Series IEC 60309 Hazloc Rated Pin/Sleeve Plug
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The ATEX-EXP-IP-POE-INJ-24V-30W-HLP from Larson Electronics is an ATEX/IECEx Explosion Proof POE Injector that allows operators to add POE (Power over Ethernet) functionality to explosion proof cameras and sensors. POE functionality adds flexibility, safety, reliability and scalability to camera systems as well as saving both time and money. The ATEX-EXP-IP-POE-INJ-24V-30W-HLP is a 24V POE Injector that is rated for devices that draw up to 1 amp. This POE injector features an explosion proof enclosure that is ATEX Ex II 2 G / D, IECEx db IIC Gb, and IECEx tb IIC Db IP66 rated for hazardous areas and is listed for use international use including Europe and Asia. The ATEX-EXP-IP-POE-INJ-24V-30W-HLP reduces the amount of cables that must be run to cameras. It achieves this by running the power required by the device through the Ethernet cable instead of a separate power cable. This saves operators both time and money. Not only because of reduced cable costs, but also because network cables do not require a professional electrician to install like some power cables do. POE also makes it simple to move cameras to the desired or required location with much less hassle than more traditional systems. Adding additional cameras also becomes a simple task with a POE system. Operators simply run Ethernet cable into one side of the ATEX-EXP-IP-POE-INJ-24V-30W-HLP and back out the other. The POE injector receives power from a 10' cord terminated in a 16-amp rated HLP series IEC 60309 hazloc rated pin/sleeve plug that runs from the bottom of the enclosure.

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