0.75 HP Flameproof Motor - ATEX/IECEx - 400V AC, 3PH 50/60 Hz - 1500/1800 RPM - Foot Mount - 90S/L Frame


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Specifications / Additional Information
ATX-EXP-MTR-3P-400-0.75P-1.5K-90SL Flameproof Motor Ratings
Listing: European Union, International ATEX/IEC Rated Flameproof Motor
Dimensions: 15.118" x 6.92" x 6.98" IEC Ex Zone 1, Groups IIA and IIB, T4
Shipping Weight: 91 lbs IEC Ex Zone 2, Groups IIA and IIB, T4
Phase: Three Phase T4 Temperature Rating
Voltage: 400V AC TEFC Cooling
Frequency: 50/60 Hz IP56
Poles: - Suitable for VFDs, Wye/Delta Start
Output Horsepower: 0.75 HP Gasketed Conduit Box
Kilowatt: 0.75 KW  
Rotations per Minute: 1500/1800 RPM  
Motor Frame: 90S/L  
Full Load Amps @ High: 1.66 FLA  
FL Efficiency: 80.4%  
Service Factor: 1.00  
Insulation: Class F (Class H Impregnated Resin/Magnet Wire)  
Design: N  
Nameplate: Stainless Steel, Laser Etched w/ High Contrast Background
Ambient Temperature Rating: -
Materials: Aluminum, Conductive Plastic Fan
Mount: Foot Mount (F3 Standard)
Wiring: 24" (+2/-0) Leads, Gasketed Conduit Box
Color: Blue
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics ATX-EXP-MTR-3P-400-0.75P-1.5K-90SL Flameproof Motor is recommended for use in explosive work sites. The 0.75 HP unit is compatible with three-phase 400V AC, 50/60 Hz and offers 1.66 FLA @ high. This ATEX/IECex rated motor features a 90S/L motor frame and can be installed with industrial systems via an integrated mounting foot. The ATX-EXP-MTR-3P-400-0.75P-1.5K-90SL is a fractional flameproof motor for combustible work sites. This thermally protected unit operates with three-phase 400V AC, 50/60 Hz. The 0.75 HP motor offers 1.66 full-load amps @ high with 80.4% full-load efficiency. Capable of generating 1500/1800 RPM, this motor is totally enclosed and fan-cooled (TEFC). Constructed of aluminum, the unit contains a conductive plastic fan and a stainless steel nameplate (laser etched with high contrast background). The IP56-rated motor features a T4 temperature rating. Equipped with a lip seal on both endshields, this unit is protected by a 90S/L motor frame and features Class F insulation, with 1.00 service factor. The impregnated resin and magnet wire are Class H insulated. This Design-N model is suitable for use with VFDs and applications requiring Wye/Delta start. Wiring: The ATX-EXP-MTR-3P-400-0.75P-1.5K-90SL comes with 24" of +2/-0 leads for electrical connections and a gasketed conduit box. Mount: The ATX-EXP-MTR-3P-400-0.75P-1.5K-90SL is foot mounted (F3 standard) for supporting the motor`s weight for sturdy, secure installations. Feet components are typically fixed on the surface, which reduces unnecessary movements during operation. Applications: ATEX/IEC rated sites, VFDs, Wye/Delta start, industrial facilities, pumps, mixers, conveyors, manufacturing, food processing, chemical plants and more.

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