Larson Replacement LED Module for BLG-LED-4 LED Blasting Gun Light

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The Larson Electronics BLG-LED-4-SP131 replacement LED engine for the BLG-4-LED battery powered intrinsically safe nozzle mount blast gun light has a 4 watt LED that produces a very tight, well focused pencil beam of light. Unlike many LED blast lights which produce a wide beam spread, this unit produces a tight round spot beam with clearly defined edges, giving it excellent range and intensity. The specially designed grip pattern allows operators to change modules in the field, even in wet, oily and slippery conditions. Weatherproof and intrinsically safe, this LED light engine produces a light beam that at 100 feet has a spread of only 9 feet.
The BLG-LED-4-SP131 replacement LED light engine features a deep dish reflector that focuses the light from the high output LED into a tight round beam. An ergonomic tactical design adds great versatility and durability, allowing this light to be field servicable with equal effectiveness. A rubber push button switch provides easy operation. Constructed of highly durable nylon, this unit is watertight and able to withstand the rigors of aggressive and heavy duty use and applications. Power for this light is provided by 3 AA-cell alkaline batteries which give this unit a runtime of 80 hrs. The high intensity LED in this light produces 90 lumens, almost 3 times that of halogen incandescent D cell flashlights, and has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, compared to the 50 hour average for an incandescent flashlight bulb.
The BLG-LED-4-SP131 LED beam is intense, high quality, and tight even when hitting the back wall of this 40` container.
This particular snapshot shows the comparable Larson Electronics LE-224 Halogen flashlight. Notice the halogen is less bright and more yellowish.
Illumination of the BLG-LED-4-SP131 at 225 feet. This LED flashlight meets the highest safety ratings for hazardous locations at a price below $50. However, this flashlight still delivers a strong beam to 250 feet.

Lamp Type:
Dimensions: 7.125 "-L  1.75 "-W   2"-H
Watts: 4
LED Life Expectancy: 30,000 hours
Lumens: 90
Lighting Configuration: Spot
Materials: Nylon Housing
Weight: 7 oz.
LUX: At 10 ft: 599 At the lens: 145,400
LUX: At 10 ft: 599 At the lens: 145,400
Burn Time: 80 hrs

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