Larson Explosion Proof Seal Compound - Seal for C1D1 and C2D2 Hazardous Locations - 5oz - Pre-Mixed

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The CHICO-SPB-5OZ from Larson Electronics is Explosion Proof Sealing Compound that is designed for electrical conductors in hazardous locations. The CHICO-SPB-5OZ comes pre-mixed and measure 5 ounces in size.
This sealing compound separates and forms an explosion proof seal around each conductor and helps to restrict the passage of gases, vapors or flames through the sealed fitting. The CHICO-SPB-5OZ creates a tight seal for electrical conductors used in Class I, Division 1 Groups c and D and Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F and G hazardous locations. Installs seal in 5 minutes and completely hardens within 20 minutes. Packaging includes a 5 oz. pre-measured cartridge and screw-on nozzle for accurate distribution.

Size: 5 oz
Seal Time: 5 minutes
Cure Time: 20 minutes
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage Temperature: 10°C - 85°C

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