Class 1 LED Beacon with 30 Strobing Light Patterns - Permanent Surface Mount - 1440 Lumens - 120/277


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CL1B-1227 Flashing Strobe Features
Lamp Type: LED SAEJ845, Class 1- Brightest Rating
Dimensions: 4.5"-High, 6.5" Diameter Permanent Mount
Lamp Weight: 3 lbs 120-277 Volts AC
Wattage: 14.4 Multi-Strobe Pattern Options
Lumens: 1,440 Waterproof
Luminous Efficiency: 100 Lumens per Watt
Lighting Configuration: Strobing Flash
Voltage: 120-277V AC w/ external power supply
Mounting: Permanent Mount, 1" NPT Pipe Mount
Wiring:  Direct Wiring to Power Source
Ambient Temp: -45°C to +55°C
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics CL1B-1227 Class 1 LED Beacon works on 120 to 277 volts AC, offers a choice of several colors and is equipped with a permanent mount system and 1 inch pipe mount embedded in the base. This compact, high powered LED beacon contains an LED lamp assembly that produces 360° of brilliant light without the dark spots or unevenness of traditional incandescent beacon lights. This beacon is equipped with auxiliary LEDs on top, helping to make this a Class 1 rated beacon and capable of producing a brilliant flashing pattern that is visible at extended distances. Available in a choice of white, green, blue, amber or red colors, this strobing beacon includes a permanent mounting system via through holes and self tapping screws. This unit also includes a 1" pipe mount embedded in the base This permanent mounting system provides maximum mounting security and reliable performance.
Available in Green, Amber, Red, White, and Blue. Choose your desired color below.
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This LED beacon has 30 flash patterns including four simulated rotating patterns. This unit also offers alternate or simultaneous flash patterns with up to eight connected LED beacons. This waterproof beacon has a black powder coated die cast base that contains a fully potted circuit board. A clear polycarbonate lens protects the LED assembly and the housing is waterproof, shock resistant and built for for reliable and durable operation. This LED beacon draws only 0.12 amps on 120 volts and is universal voltage, operating on 120-277V AC.

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