Portable Floodlight System- 4 X 1500 Watt Metal Halide Lights - 575,000 Lumens - 480V/Quad-Tap Input


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Specifications / Additional Information
CM-4X15M-25 Cage Mount Light System Quick Summary
Lamp Type: (4) 1500Watt Metal Halide 6000 Watt, 575,000 Lumen Light Assembly
Dimensions: 25 Foot Cord
Weight: Pick Eye
Total Watts: 6000 watts 4 Corner mounts
Voltage: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, or 480V
Lighting Configuration: Flood Pattern
Amps: 12.5 @ 480V
Mounting:Aluminum Square Tube
Wiring: 25 feet SOOW Cord w/ Cord Cap
Total Lumens: 575,000
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The CM-4X15M-25 portable metal halide lighting system from Larson Electronics produces 575,000 lumens of light. This portable lighting system is designed for rugged yet portable use and is ideal for use in demanding industrial and outdoor construction conditions. ***PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS LIGHTING SYSTEM*** The CM-4X15M-25 is a portable lighting tower and provides 575,000 lumens of light output. This portable lighting system has a pick eye for easy positioning of the unit from one area of the workspace to another. The light assembly on this unit produces a wide flood pattern of light that is ideal for illuminating large workspaces and job sites. This light is designed for heavy duty use in demanding conditions including emergency services, mining, construction, marine, and industrial operations where durability and portability is important. This portable lighting system is comprised of light weight aluminum assembly fitted with four metal halide lamps mounted within the aluminum cage. The lamps can be easily adjusted up, down or from side to side independently of each other and locked into position for maximum coverage of the work area. Included with this portable lighting system is 25 feet of SOOW cord with L6-30 twist lock plug which combined with the full adjustability of the light heads helps provide optimal coverage of the workspace. The light heads on this light system contains four 1500 watt metal halide lamps producing 143,750 lumens each. These lamps are independently adjustable, allowing operators to adjust each light for maximum coverage of the workspace.  This tower operates on 480 volts AC power and draw 12.5 amps @6000 watts. We also offer a 120V, 208V, 240V, and 277V versions of this fixture. This is a heavy duty unit designed for use in demanding conditions and for overall longevity in difficult construction environments with heavy duty aluminum construction for maximum durability. We make this lighting solution in the United States. Larson Electronics light towers and lighting systems are designed for industrial, commercial, emergency response, and military applications where the operators are working in harsh, destructive environments and the operators income or mission success are dependent on dependable, durable lighting.

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