Control Light with Magnetic Base - 12 VDC - 160 watt Lamp with Blue Eye Coating - CML-3-BB


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The Control Magnetic Lights (CML) series of spotlight and flood lights are MADE IN THE USA and enable the operator to control the rotation and elevation of the light with the control, located directly behind the lamp head.  Control Lights have magnetic bases that are strong enough to be mounted on moving vehicles.  However Control Lights can be moved to different spots on a single vehicle or moved from vehicle to vehicle as schedule demands.  Control Lights are used as military spotlights, utility spotlights, roof mount spotlights, hunting spotlights, work lights and linesman lights.   - This spotlight generates 2175 LUX and projects a distance of 680 feet.  The sealed beam in this unit pulls 13 amps continuously, so 15 amp fuse is required.  A 15 amp fuse is typical on most cigarette lighter sockets, however, it is not recommended that you attempt to run 2 of these lights on a socket splitter without increasing the fuse capacity.  The blue coating on the lens is designed to offset the dispersion effects of light in highly humid and foggy conditions.  Often desirable for boating, this lens cover cuts through the fog and to some degree increases the penetration of the light beam into water itself. - Solid polycarbonate handle controls light via 7 inch long, heavy gauge steel bracket. - 3.25 inch diameter (100lb grip) magnetic base secures the light to any metal surface. - Interlocking aluminum and stainless steel u-brackets secure rotation and elevation of light beam once the operator positions the beam. - UV and salt resistant lamp housing measures 6 inches in diameter.  Control Lights can be used on vehicles, boats and heavy equipment.  - On/off toggle switch - Detachable 12 foot coil cord with cigarette plug.  Short pigtail cord with SEA connector one end and weatherproof Deutsch connector connects 2 pin SAE connector from Larson Electronics to Deutsch connector on the coild cord.  Cord connects via 2 pin Deutsch connector. All cords manufactured by Larson Electronics ( ) are compatible with the Control Lights with magnetic base.   - 7 year warranty covers all components except lamp.  Lamp is easily field serviceable and can be changed within 3 minutes.  - CONTROL LIGHTS ARE MADE IN THE USA.

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