50' Spool of 1.5" VF Core Liquid Tight Flexible Steel Conduit


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Specifications / Additional Information
CONDUIT-SEALTIGHT-VF-1.5-50FT 50` Spool 1.5" VF Flexible Steel Conduit
Cable Type: 1.5" VF Flexible Steel Conduit
Housing Spool Length: 50`
Temperature Rating: -20° to +60°C
Weight 90 lbs
Internal Diameter: Minimum 1.575; Maximum 1.600
External Diameter: Minimum 1.865; Maximum 1.900
Bend Radius: 9
Color: Gray
' Product Overview '
The CONDUIT-SEALTIGHT-VF-1.5-50FT from Larson Electronics is a 50` seamless spool of 1.5" VF Core flexible liquid tight steel conduit. This conduit provides mechanical and moisture protection for conductors and is sunlight resistant. The CONDUIT-SEALTIGHT-VF-1.5-50FT has a flame retardant grey PVC jacket, has a hot dipped zinc galvanized low carbon steel core and is very flexible making it ideal for a variety of applications.

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