Waterproof Stepdown Transformer with Explosion Proof Outlet - Converts 120-277V AC to 12V or 24V DC


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DCP-11-DP-EPO20 Power Converter DCP-11-DP-EPO20 Transformer Features
Line In Voltage: 100-277VAC @47~63 hz IP67 Rated Waterproof
AC Input Connector: 1` Whip, Cord Cap Overload,Short Circuit,Over Voltage Protection
Cord Cap: 5-15 Wall Plug, L5-15 Twist-lock, L6-15 Twist-lock UL1012 Compliant
Maximum Wattage: 106 UL60950-1 Compliant
Line Out Voltage: 12VDC @ 11 Amps, 24VDC @ 5.5 Amps International Lighting Safety Standards Compliant
DC Output Connector: 5-15/5-20 Explosion Proof Outlet  
Protection: Short Circuit/Overload/ Over Voltage DCP-11-DP-EPO20 Outlet Features
Configuration: 3 Pole 2 Wire U.L.-Standard: No.-22.2,25,C22.2,30,C22.2,42,C22,159
Outlet Materials: Box- Iron /Receptacle- Copper Free Aluminum (4/10 of 1% max.) CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 182.1
Outlet Finish: Box-Triple Coat / Receptacle-Epoxy Powder Coat NEMA 3, 3R, 7BCD, 9FG
Insulating Blocks: Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester Class 1, Division 1&2 Groups B, C, D
Mounting: Aluminum Backplate Class 2, Division 1&2 Groups F, G
Operating Temp: -30°C to +70°C Class III
Efficiency: 92%  
Weight:9 Lbs
  Intl: 1-214-616-6180
  Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics DCP-11-DP-EPO20 Waterproof Power Supply with Explosion Proof Outlet converts commonly used 100-277V AC electrical current to low voltage 12V or 24V DC, providing a maximum of 11 amps at 12V Dc. This converter can operate with voltages within the 100-277VAC range and converts it to 12V or 24V DC, allowing users to use standard AC power to operate low voltage explosion proof equipment like our LED string lights and portable lights that require 12 Volt DC current. The DCP-11-DP-EPO20 106 watt power converter provides a safe and effective way for users to tap into and utilize common 100 to 277 Volt AC power sources and convert this current to 12 Volts DC or 24 Volts DC for use with explosion proof equipment that requires 12/24 volt DC electrical power. This unit can be operated with input current ranging from 100 to 277 VAC and will output 12 Volt DC current at 11 amps or 24 Volt DC current at 5.5 amps. This power converter features an IP67 rated waterproof design, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use and includes integral short circuit and overload protection that will shut down the unit in case of faults and overloads to protect the unit and connected equipment from damage. This converter comes with a straight blade plug on the input lead and an explosion proof outlet for the output, allowing users to simply plug the unit into a typical wall outlet, then connect any of our low voltage lights equipped with explosion proof plugs. Please note that this unit is designed to power portable explosion proof electrical equipment from outside of the hazardous environment. The transformer must remain outside of any class rated environments at all times. The DCP-11-DP-EPO20 106 watt converter features full range, universal AC input capability and can be operated with 100 to 277VAC. The unit converts this AC power input to 106 watt at 11 Amps on 12VDC output or 5.5 Amps on 24VDC current. IP67 rated, this unit is waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Integrally designed protection includes overload, short circuit and over voltage safeguards to prevent overheating and unit damage in case of faults or overly heavy current draw. This unit will shut down when an over current or over voltage condition is encountered and recovers when manually turned back on. This power converter has a -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range and is UL UL1012 and UL60950-1 compliant as well as compliant with worldwide safety regulations for lighting. This unit has a 92% conversion efficiency and is suitable for use with moving LED signs and similar LED equipment. The power receptacle is constructed of non sparking aluminum and finished with an epoxy powder coating while the housing is constructed of triple coated malleable iron for durability and added corrosion resistance. The internal receptacle plug contacts are constructed of brass and designed to maintain constant pressure along their entire length for superior connectivity. The plug receptacle is deeply recessed to prevent accidental contacts and designed for twist lock plug insertion to provide secure connections. A neoprene seal fitted inside the connector receptacle seals against the plug when inserted to provide positive sealing against water ingress. A spring loaded receptacle door provides an automatic weather-tight seal when the plug is removed. In standard installations within the hazardous location area, threaded rigid pipe is brought to the outlet and the outlet is affixes to a mounting surface. This outlet is a mate for the Larson Electronics and explosion proof plugs and is compatible with all the Larson Electronics low voltage explosion proof lights we make with an explosion proof plug. NOTE: In order to obtain the best performance and the longest operational life from these units, it is recommended that you do not exceed 80% of the unit’s output amperage. To determine if this converter suits your desired application, add together the total wattage of the equipment you intend to use with this unit and divide this total by 12 volts to find the total amperage draw that will be placed upon the converter. For example, if you are using our EPL-SL-10-LED 100 watt LED string light, 100 watts divided by 12 volts is 8.34 amps. This would mean the DCP-11-DP-EPO20 is well suited as it would run at ~75% capacity to produce the necessary 8.34 amps. Running these units at 100% of their capacity can create excess heat and lead to shortened converter life.

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