20 kW Portable Generator - DeepSea Controller - 120/240V 60 Hz - 1PH - Diesel - IP65


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Specifications / Additional Information
DPG-20KW-1P-120.240 20 kW Portable Generator Quick Summary
Genset: Custom Weatherproof (IP65 Waterproof)
Dimensions: 78.5" x 41.7" x 33.4" Soundproof
Weight: 1,543 lbs (Dry), 1,653 lbs (Wet) Digital Engine Gauges
Engine: Perkins/404D-22G (Diesel) 28.9 HP (Tier 4F) High Visibility LCD Display
Engine Type: 4-cycle, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Natural Intake Emergency Stop Switch
Engine Speed: 1,800 RPM Deepsea Controller
Cylinders: 4
Fuel Capacity: N/A (Customer Provided)
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load: 0.95 Gal/Hr
Voltage: 120/240V 60Hz 3PH
Rated Power: 20 kW  
Rated Standby Output: 22 kW  
Starting System: Electric  
Battery: 12V @ 60 Ah
Sound Level @ Full Load/23 ft: 65 dBA
Operating Temp Range: 40° to 85° C
Materials: Steel w/ Powder Coated Finish
Output: (5) Power Output, (1) ATS Plug
Communication Port: USB
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics DPG-20KW-1P-120.240 portable, brushless generator is a fuel type unit with a powerful 1,800 rpm, four-cylinder diesel engine. It can produce 20 kW (prime) and supports three-phase 120/240V 60 Hz. A Deepsea controller provides operators with robust monitoring options and configurations. This IP65-rated unit boasts a low profile and sturdy design for reliable application in outdoor work sites. The DPG-20KW-1P-120.240 is powered by a 4-cycle, water cooled, direct injection, natural intake Perkins/404D-22G engine (diesel). With engine speeds of 1,800 rpm, the four-cylinder unit is capable of generating 22 kW on standby and 20 kW during prime use. It features a 12V DC electric starting system. At full load, this unit consumes 1.23 gallons of fuel per hour. The genset is constructed of steel with a powder coated finish for protection in outdoor environments. This IP65-rated unit is capable of operating between 40°C and 85°C. The rotating field, self-ventilated generator is designed to support 120/240V 60Hz. It features three-phase 120/240V at 48.11 amps, as well as five power outputs and an ATS plug. This unit will automatically shut down in the event of an abnormal condition related to water temperature, engine oil pressure, low coolant, low DEF, overspeed and overcrank. An emergency stop switch allows operators to manually shut down the system. A DSE3110 Deepsea controller provides operators with a wide viewing panel and robust monitoring of the brushless generator. The system displays frequency, battery voltage, runtime and more. A protective feature notifies operators about low oil pressure, high water temperature, over/under voltage and over/under speed. The controller can be used in manual or auto start mode. Configurable timers and alarms provide flexibility and real-time monitoring of the system. The DPG-20KW-1P-120.240 comes with several noise-reduction features that can streamline its application in demanding work sites. With a full load and at a distance of 23 feet, the unit emits 65 dbA of sound, which is equivalent to the noise level of a compact hair dryer. Applications: This portable generator is suitable for use in remote locations, such as temporary camps, construction sites, military bases and areas without reliable access to the grid. It can be utilized to power a wide range of heavy duty tools and equipment, including laptops, portable machines and mobile devices. The unit€™s robust recharging options offer flexibility in environments where access to reliable power sources are severely limited.  

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