Larson Explosion Proof 4-Outlet Extension Cord - (4) 30 Amp Outlets - 50' 10/3 SOOW - Angled Polarity -2P3W

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Made in the USA
Larson Electronics 50 Foot Long Explosion Proof Extension Cord with Four Explosion Proof Receptacles. Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 Approved.
The Larson Electronics EPEXC-4X-10.3-30A-50-2P3W-AP Explosion Proof extension cord allows operators to safely extend the range of their explosion proof light or equipment cords beyond the boundaries of the hazardous work area. These units are constructed of 50 feet of 10/3 SOOW explosion proof cord and are rated at 30 amps of continuous service. The cord is chemical and abrasion resistant and comes with four inline, 30 amp, pin and sleeve style explosion proof receptacles installed on one end and a 30 amp rated 2-pole 3-wire explosion proof pin and sleeve style plug installed on the other end. This unit enables multiple connections from a single power source.
Each receptacle`s contacts are deep recessed to avoid accidental contact. These explosion proof outlets feature an on/off switch. The switch cannot be turned "on" until a plug is fully inserted into the outlet, and the plug cannot be removed from the receptacle under load. The top cover of each receptacle junction box features a self locking mechanism and cannot be removed when the outlet is in the "on" position. This explosion proof extension cord satisfies OSHA`s requirements for lockout/tagout requirements. This specific unit is built with special polarity, with the receptacles` interiors rotated 22.5°. Please see the EPEXC-4X-10.3-30A-50-2P3W for units without special polarity.
The plugs on these units are of a pin and sleeve design. In order for a secure and working connection to take place, the operator must insert the plug and screw it in before the receptacle will allow the operator to turn the outlet "on." This ensures a safe seal is made before any sparks from electrical contact can take place.
These explosion proof extension cords accept a 2-pole 3-wire pin and sleeve style plug with special polarity. The included plug and receptacles are cross-interchangeable with Crouse Hind™ part# APJ3385-S4 plugs and FSQC2320-S4 receptacles. Any equipment requiring these C-H or plugs should work with these cords. Due to possible manufacturer changes we cannot guarantee interchangeability although we have made every effort to ensure cross compatibility correctness.
Suggested Applications:
Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Explosion Proof Light Fixtures, Grinders, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.

Listings: United States & Canada

Amp Rating: 30 Amp Continuous Service
Configuration: 2 Pole 3 Wire
Cable: 50` 10/3 SOOW
Receptacles: (4) Inline Receptacles w/ On/Off Lockout and Flip Covers
Polarity: Special - Rotated 22.5°
Housing Materials:  Copper Free Aluminum
Insulator Material: Fiberglass
Contacts Material: Brass

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