Larson Explosion Proof Extension Cord - 6' 10/3 SOOW - 20A Female Connector - General Area Cord Cap

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Made in the USA
The EPEXC-CO-6-10.3-GAP from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Extension Cord that allows operators to safely extend the range of their explosion proof light or equipment cords into the boundaries of the hazardous work area. This extension cord is equipped with a choice of general area use industrial cord caps for plugging into standard wall outlets and an explosion proof 20A female connector for connecting explosion proof equipment within the hazardous environment.
These units are constructed of 6 feet of 10/3 SOOW explosion proof cord and are rated at 20 amps of continuous service. The cord is chemical and abrasion resistant and comes with a 20 amp explosion proof female connector installed on one end and an industrial grade male cord cap installed on the other end.
*Please note that the male cord cap is not explosion proof and must be connected OUTSIDE of the hazardous area.*
The explosion proof connector on this unit is of a twist lock design. In order for a secure and working connection to take place, the operator must insert the plug and twist until it locks into place. This ensures a safe seal is made before any sparks from electrical contact takes place. To ensure the highest safety, operators should make connections outside of the hazardous area.
Wiring and Plug:
This explosion proof extension cord is equipped with 6 feet of 10/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an industrial grade general area male cord cap for easy connection to common wall outlets. Cord cap options include L5-30P, L6-30P, L5-20P and L6-20P cord caps. The other side of this explosion proof extension cord is fitted with a 20A female connector.
Suggested Applications:
Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Explosion Proof Light Fixtures, Grinders, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.
Contact for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Amp Rating: 20 Amp Continuous Service
Cord Length: 6 Feet
Configuration: 2 Pole 3 Wire
Voltage: 125V
Materials: Copper Free Aluminum
Connector: EPCO-20A
Finish: Epoxy Powder Coat
Cord Cap Options: L5-30P, L6-30P, L5-20P or L6-20P

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