Larson 20A Portable Explosion Proof Receptacle - Class I, Div 1 - 125V, Pin/Sleeve - 50' 12/3 SOOW Cord

Larson ElectronicsSKU: PL3-EPEXC-P20A-GFCI-2P3W-50-125V

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PuriLite suggests you place an order directly with us for large Larson orders due to the potential customization requirements. Please call us at 1-844-787-5483 to place your order. If you prefer to place your order online, a PuriLite agent will be in touch with you to discuss any custom options.
The Larson Electronics EPEXC-P20A-GFCI-2P3W-50-125V Explosion Proof Power Outlet provides ground fault protection for portable electrical devices and equipment in Class I, Division 1 rated locations. Equipped with a pin/sleeve plug and receptacle, the 2-pole 3-wire device operates on 125V. A 50' 12/3 SOOW cord with an explosion proof cord cap is available for extending power connections.
The EPEXC-P20A-GFCI-2P3W-50-125V provides required ground fault protection and is deal for operators seeking a high quality, wet area rated power receptacle suitable for use in industrial and manufacturing applications. This 20-amp unit operates on 125V and features pin/sleeve plug and receptacle components. The explosion proof receptacle is compatible with CPP516 and comes with a convenient carrying/hanging handle.
The EPEXC-P20A-GFCI-2P3W-50-125V ground fault protection power receptacle features a top-hinged cover design. The 45° downward facing receptacle housing provides optimal protection from dust, ice, snow, water and other environmental factors. This receptacle prevents complete withdrawal of the plug, as it is equipped with an innovative rotating mechanism. A delayed action feature allows the plug to be used as a push-pull switch in case of emergency. Each unit is insulated with fiberglass-reinforced polyester.
The power receptacle is constructed of copper free die cast aluminum and the housing is iron alloy. The receptacle contacts are deep recessed to avoid accidental contact and will not be energized by non explosion proof plugs to preserve explosion proof protection in hazardous environments. Ordinary location plugs will NOT activate this explosion proof receptacle.
This portable unit includes 50 feet of 12/3 SOOW (chemical, abrasion resistant cord for wet/outdoor use) cord with a 20-amp 125V explosion proof pin/sleeve cord cap (EPP-250-2P-20A).
Circuit breaking protection:
Provides required portable ground fault protection and meets standard requirements for ground fault protection in hazardous locations.
These units are compatible with Crouse Hind™ plugs under catalogue number "ENP5151" and Hubble-Killark Acceptor plugs under catalogue number "UGP-20231,UGP-20232." Due to possible manufacturer changes we cannot guarantee interchangeability although we have made every effort to ensure cross compatibility correctness.
Suggested Applications:
Paint spray booths, aircraft maintenance, oil drilling rigs, refineries, solvent and cleaning areas, gas processing plants, chemical manufacturing, waste treatment plants and other similar applications.
Contact for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Listing: NRTL Listed for United States and Canada
Dimensions: -
Weight: -
Voltage: 125V
Amps: 20A
Configuration: 2-pole, 3-wire
Style: Pin/Sleeve (Plug and Receptacle)
Unit Materials: Copper Free Aluminum
Wiring: 50' 12/3 SOOW Cord w/ EXP Cord Cap
Cord Cap: 20A Explosion Proof 125V - EPP-250-2P-20A
Receptacle Compatibility: CPP516

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