25000W Explosion Proof Heater - Forced Fan Heater - C1D1, C2D1 - 480V 3PH - 2450 CFM


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Specifications / Additional Information
EPH-FH-T3B-25KW-480.3P Hazardous Location Fan Ratings/Features
Unit Type: Hazardous Location Forced Fan Type Heater Class I, Div 1 & 2 Groups C, D
Dimensions: 22.5" x 17.75" x 21" Class II, Div 1 & 2 Groups E, F, G
Weight: 225 lbs 6,000 Cycles of Service
Motor Voltage: 480V AC  
Control Voltage: 24V  
Phase: 3PH  
Watts: 25,000W  
BTUs: 85,400  
Amps: 31.1
CFM: 2450
Air Throw: 43`
Temperature Rating/Rise: T3A/16.5°F
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Finish: Powder Coated Epoxy Paint Finish
Mount: -
Recommended Mounting Height: 13`
Color: Gray
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics EPH-FH-T3B-25KW-480.3P Hazardous Location Fan provides active heating in hazardous locations and cold-temperature work sites. This 25,000-watt forced fan heater is compatible with 480V three phase and features an airflow rate of 2450 CFM (43` air throw). The EPH-FH-T3B-25KW-480.3P is suitable for maintaining adequate temperatures in Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II, Divisions 1 & 2 work sites. This 25,000-watt fan forced heater operates on 480V three phase with 24V control voltage. The 31.1-amp rated unit supports an airflow rate of 2450 CFM, capable of throwing air as far as 43 feet. This T3A temperature-rated fan features guard shields to protect internal, moving parts. This hazardous location fan forced heater is constructed of 14 gauge steel and aluminum with stainless steel/aluminum pressure relief valves. The unit is rated for 6,000 cycles of service. Versatile louvers allow operators to control the direction of air leaving the fan in real-time. For protection from freeze damage (up to -45° C), the unit utilizes a Ethylene Glycol to water mixture as a heat transfer fluid inside the heater core. Mounting: The recommended mounting height for this hazardous location unit is 13 feet. Applications: Heating, manufacturing plants, chemical processing, cold-temperature facilities, farming operations, agricultural sites, flour processing, grain silos and more.  

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