Explosion Proof Mobile Horizontal Fan Forced Steam Heater - 120V - On/Off Switch, 12' Cord - Cart Mount


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*Please note: This unit requires a water line connection to work. This connection is not included and must be provided by the operator.*
EPH-SH-FH-CD-18KW-120V.1P-25C-EPP Portable Steam Heater Ratings/Features
Listing: NRTL Listed for United States and Canada Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D
Unit Type: Horizontal Forced Fan Steam Heater w/ Explosion Proof Motor Totally Enclosed Motor w/ Thermal Overload Protection
Dimensions: - Quiet Operation
Fan Diameter: 9" Skid/cart Mount
Weight: - Anti-static Wheels
Voltage: 120 V AC  
Watts: 60W  
Horsepower: 1/60 HP  
Input BTU/H: 18,000 BTUs - 2 lbs of Steam @ 60°F Entering Air
Output BTU: 12,600 BTUs -Hot Water @ 200°F in 60°F Entering Air
Entering Airflow CFM: 340 CFM
Heat Throw: 17'
Water Flow: 2 GPM (Recommended), 0.3 GPM (Minimum), 5 GPM (Maximum)
Final Air Temperature - Hot Water: 93°F
Final Air Temperature - Steam: 107°F
Switch: Integrated On/Off Switch (Cart)
Amps: 0.5 A @ 120 V Special Orders - Requirements
Materials: Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coat
Mount: Skid/cart Mount w/ Forklift Pockets, Anti-static Wheels
Cord: 12' 16/3 SOOW Cord w/ EXP Cord Cap
EXP Cord Cap Options: 5-15 or 5-20
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The EPH-SH-FH-CD-18KW-120V.1P-25C-EPP from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Mobile Fan Forced Steam Heater that is ideal for heating industrial buildings. Compatible with 120 V AC, the 60-watt heater can throw heat at a distance of 17 feet. This cart-mounted unit is constructed of steel and comes with 12' of 16/3 SOOW cord and an explosion proof cord cap. The EPH-SH-FH-CD-18KW-120V.1P-25C-EPP requires a user provided water line connection to function. The EPH-SH-FH-CD-18KW-120V.1P-25C-EPP is suitable for maintaining adequate temperatures in industrial work sites. Secured on a mobile cart and equipped with a 9" fan, this 60-watt unit operates on 120V AC and features an entering airflow of 340 CFM. The 1/60 HP horizontal forced fan steam heater accepts 18,000 BTU/H of 2 lb steam 60°F entering air and provides an output of 12,600 BTUs of hot water 200°F in 60°F entering air. Capable of throwing 17 feet of heat, the unit offers the following final air temperatures: 93°F (hot water) and 107°F (steam). Water flow rate is 2 GPM. An accessible integrated on/off switch on the cart allows operators to easily activate and deactivate the unit. *Please note: This unit requires a water line connection to work. This connection is not included and must be provided by the operator.* This portable explosion proof heater is constructed of steel, finished in polyester powder coat for durability. The unit features squared-off corners and provides quiet operation during use. A two-piece casing configuration allows seamless access to the coils. This heater is equipped with an explosion proof totally enclosed motor with thermal protection.
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5-15 Straight Blade Plug   5-20 Straight Blade Plug
Wiring & Plug: This unit is equipped with 12 feet of 16/3 SOOW cord fitted with an explosion proof cord cap for easy connection to explosion proof outlets. Plug options include a 5-15 15 amp straight blade plug for use with 120V explosion proof outlets or a 5-20 20 amp straight blade plug for use with 120V explosion proof outlets. Mounting: The explosion proof steam heater is mounted on a skid/cart for portable applications. This component features forklift pockets for seamless lifting and transportation. To prevent the release of static discharge, the cart is equipped with anti-static wheels. Applications: Heating, manufacturing plants, chemical processing, cold-temperature facilities, farming operations, agricultural sites, flour processing, grain silos and more.

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