Explosion Proof Drop Light (Hand Lamp) with inline transformer - 240V to 12V AC - 100' Cord


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EPL-240X12V-100 NTRL Listings
UL Listing: United States Class 1, Division 1 Groups C, D (100 watt)
Dimensions: L-16.5  "   Dia-5" Class 2, Division 1 Groups F, G (75 watt)
Total Watts: 100 watts, 75 watts, ot 60 watts
Voltage: 240V AC stepped down to 12V AC or DC
Mounting: Hook
Wiring: 100` 12/3 SOOW Cord; Inline Transformer, 10` 16/3 SOOW Cord Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Lamp Type:: Incandescent Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics EPL-240X12V-100 Explosion Proof Drop Light / Hand Lamp is UL Listed Class 1 Division 1 Groups C and D - and is ideal for general work task lighting in hazardous locations requiring explosion proof protection. This explosion proof work light from Larson Electronics comes complete with 100 feet of explosion proof cord and an inline transformer that steps down 240V AC to 12V AC or DC for powering the lamp. The EPL-240X12V-100 drop light housing is designed to provide an effective low voltage lighting solution for operators requiring a versatile source of illumination. This hazardous location hand lamp is Class 1, Division 1 approved when equipped with a 100 watt bulb and Class 2 Division 1 approved when equipped with a 75 watt bulb. This explosion proof drop light is ideal for hazardous work areas where a ready source of easily managed lighting is desired.
Dark 40` Container Illuminated with EPL-240X12V-100
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This 75 watt or 100 watt incandescent light is suitable for use in areas where petrochemical vapors (100 watt) and various dusts (75 watt) are present. This unit is rated Class 1, Division 1, Class 2 Division 1 and comes complete with 100` of SOOW 12/3 AWG to the transformer, and 10` of 16/3 SOOW line out cord ending in a NEMA 6-15 straight blade plug. This explosion proof hand light operates on standard 240 volts AC 60Hz and steps this voltage down to 12V AC or DC via an included inline transformer. This transformer plugs into standard wall outlets and is encased in a NEMA box. The bulb in this drop light operates on 12V AC and is designed specifically for low voltage operation.
Made in USA Quality Lamp Features
1. Federal Spec Cord. 2. Explosion Proof. 3. 75 or 100 Watt Lamp. 4. Rugged fabricated steel and cast aluminum construction. 5. Red and Gray paint finish. 6. UL Class1 Div1 Class 2 Div1 7. 240 Volt dropped to 12 Volt Operation 8. SOOW cable. 9. Hook for Convenient Placement. Watertight Inline Transformer Non-sparking aluminum housing Low Voltage Aluminum lamp guard Lamp shield prevent shattering Plugs into standard outlets Swivel hook for hanging and hands free operation Explosion proof cord

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