Explosion Proof Light - Portable Cart - 24 Inch - 400 Watt Metal Halide - Class 1 & Class 2 Div 1


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EPL-24C-1X4 Explosion Proof Tank Light Quick Summary
UL Listing: United States Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D
Dimensions: 23 7/8" Light head- Unit height- 3` Feet Class 2 Division 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G
Weight: 95 lbs.   Class 3, Division 1 & 2
Total Watts: 400 watts UL Certified U.S. Standards
Voltage: 120 volts @50/60hz or 230/240 VAC 36,000 Lumens- 20,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage
Operating Temp Range: T3B Rated   ECP1523 Class 1 explosion proof plug
Lamp Life Expectancy: 20,000+ Hours (Metal Halide Average) T3B Temp Rating
Mounting: Non Sparking Aluminum Cart Confined Area Suitable
Wiring: 250`14/3 SOOW Cord- ECP1523 Explosion Proof   Plug 400 Watt Metal Halide
Intl: 1-214-616-6180
  Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics EPL-24C-1X4 Explosion Proof Portable Tank Light from Larson Electronics is rated Class 1 Division 1, Groups C & D and uses a 400 watt metal halide lamp to produce 36,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating 20,000 square feet of work area. *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS LIGHT CART* The EPL-24C-1X4 explosion proof portable tank light is UL Listed Class 1, Division 1 for Groups C and D and provides 20,000 square foot of coverage with a 36,000 lumen light output. This unit consists of a 23 7/8 inch diameter 400 watt metal Halide lamp mounted on top of an aluminum cart with solid rubber wheels and provides a portable and easily mobile source of hazardous location illumination. Often simply referred to as a €œtank light€, this unit is popular for use in tanks due to its ability to be passed through conventional 24 inch manhole openings such as those found in petrochemical containers and ship storage tanks. This 23 7/8€ diameter metal halide lamp fixture is designed specifically for use in tank cleaning and maintenance operations as an alternative to other less convenient lighting options such a string or drop lights.
The EPL-24C-1X4 explosion proof portable tank light carries a T3B temperature rating and contains a 400 watt metal halide lamp that produces 36,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating 20,000 square feet of workspace. The metal halide lamp has a stamped aluminum lamp guard and replaceable Plexiglas lens protecting the lamp from dirt and debris and can be easily removed and cleaned, reducing the need for removal and cleaning of the lamp itself. The cart assembly is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and has two solid rubber wheels and two integral handles, allowing this unit to be easily relocated around the work area as needed. The cart and lamp assembly are two pieces and designed to be easily disassembled without tools, passed through manholes and then reassembled once inside the tank or enclosed area. Included with this unit is 250 feet of SOOW cord ending in an ECP1523 explosion proof straight blade plug and a lamp fixture assembly that allows 360 degree rotation and 90 degrees of tilt for easy positioning. This unit can be configured to operate on 120 volts @50/60hz (Americas) or 230/240 volts for international use. This explosion proof tank light provides a safe, versatile and convenient lighting alternative to sometimes cumbersome string lights and is ideal for use in confined spaces such as those found in marine storage tanks, the petrochemical and agricultural industries and anywhere large area confined workspaces require an effective source of Class 1 Division 1 lighting. This unit can be rented for $550.00 per month. Contact us Toll Free 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or make arrangements. Cross for Chambers Power Products PS400MH-24.

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