Larson Low Profile Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light - Emergency Battery Backup - 20,000 Lumens

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Made in the USA
The Larson Electronics EPL-EMG-48-216 Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Fixture is NRTL Listed for United States and Canada Class 1 Division 1 and  Class 1 Division 2 for hazardous locations where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors exist or have the potential to exist. This unit features a built in emergency battery backup and carries a T6 temperature rating with approval for paint spray booth use.
The EPL-EMG-48-216 fixture is a 4 foot long, 4 lamp, Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 & 2 explosion proof fluorescent light which is also approved for use in paint spray booth applications. This T6 temperature rated fixture comes standard with four T5 high output fluorescent lamps. The lamps are protected by heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes and the fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy. The lamp reflectors are corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum and coated with a high gloss reflective finish. This fixture is multi-voltage capable and is available with a variety of lamp options. The EPL-EMG-48-216 provides operators in hazardous locations with a reliable and affordable lighting solution that provides the best explosion proof protection available without sacrificing light quality or fixture durability. to view the LED version of this fixture.
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This fluorescent light works, mounts and is wired like our EPL-48-216 explosion proof fluorescent light fixtures. The main difference is that we attach an extra Bodine ballast box to the unit that adds emergency light functionality to the fixture. This explosion proof emergency light will run the standard 90 minutes after power is lost. The light automatically recharges the battery once electrical power is restored. Standard configuration includes a single emergency ballast that will run two of the four bulbs for 90 minutes at 900 lumens. The battery backup unit includes a switched leg for turning the light fixture on/off without kicking the unit into emergency mode.
Standard Bracket Mounts:
Each bracket is cinched to the bracket mounting peg on each side of the light. The angle of the bracket is set by tightening two cap screws on either side of the bracket. The cap screws act as a set screw. The bracket itself is mounted via a single bolt hole at the top the bracket. There are two brackets, one on each end of the light. Once the brackets are mounted to a surface (ceiling, floor or wall), the light fixture can be removed from the brackets by loosening the cap screws that hold the bracket to the mounting peg. The first picture shown above illustrates the ballast side bracket and also shows the access caps for changing the bulbs. The second picture shows the bracket at the opposite end of the fluorescent light.
Additional mounting options:
Unless otherwise specified, our standard, most popular configuration is the bracket end mounting shown in the photos above. We also offer a pendant mount for those needing to suspend the fixture away from the ceiling surface (i.e. suspend from pipe or conduit).
Made in USA Quality
Lamp Options
1. Each unit dialectically tested.
– 54 watt, 5000 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hours life, 5000 Kelvin color, CRI 85 RHA-UNV-254-LT5 Ballast is THD < 10% and HPF .98 (Suffix –50KT5)
- 50 watt, 4450 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hour life, 4100 Kelvin color, CRI 85 (Suffix -41KT5)

NRTL Listed for United States & Canada
United States & Canada NRTL Listed for 
Lamp Type: Fluorescent
Dimensions: W-11.25"  L-52"  H-8.5 "
Weight: 70 Lbs
Voltage: Universal 120V-277V 50/60 Hz
Total Watts: 216 watts
Total Lumens: 20,000
Luminous Efficacy: 92 Lm/W
Lamp Life Expectancy: 20,000+ Hours
Color Temp: 5000K (-50KT5) OR 4100K (-41KT5)
Ambient Operating Temp Range:   -20 C to 70 C*

Operating Temp Rating: T6
Minimum Operating Temp -30°C
Maximum Case Temp: 90°C
Mounting: Surface Standard - Pendant Optional
Warranty: Yes - 5 Year

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