Gasketed Food Grade Shatterproof Lens Cover for 150LED-RT Series Explosion Proof LED Fixtures


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' Product Overview '
Food Grade Polycarbonate Lens Cover for EPL-HB-150LED-RT and EPLC2-HB-150LED-RT Series Explosion Proof LED Fixtures. This gasketed polycarbonate lens covers the faceplate of the fixture and prevents any glass from being exposed. The gasket is made from food grade materials allowing the EPL-HB-150LED-RT and EPLC2-HB-150LED-RT series light fixtures to be installed in Group G environments. The lens is held in place by eight clips that snap into place, firmly securing the lens to the fixture. The gasket prevents any dusts or particles from collecting between the fixture and the lens.
Lens Options
Clear Opaque

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