Explosion Proof - Surface Mount - Infrared LED Light - 20 Watts - 1445nm


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Specifications / Additional Information
Specifications / Additional Information
EPL-SMLED-20W-1445 Infrared LED Light UL and CSA Certified
UL Listing: United States/Canada Class 1 Division 1 Groups C and D
Dimensions: 10.5"-W  17.5"-H  13.9"-Depth UL Standard: UL 1598, UL 844
Weight: 28 Lbs UL Listed: E10794
Total Watts: 20 500 hour salt-spray tested. Per MIL-F-8115C
Voltage:Standard 9-48 Volts DC
Amps: 1.8
Lamp Type: Infrared LED
Mounting: Aluminum Permanent Mount
Wiring: 3/4" NPT Threaded Wiring Hub
Operating Temp Range: T3C Rated
LED Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours
LED Output Range: 1445nm
' Product Overview '
The EPL-SMLED-20W-1445 Explosion Proof Infrared LED Light is UL Listed Class 1 Divison 1 Groups C and D, and is rated for use in wet and marine environments. The waterproof construction and 1445nm infrared output of this LED lamp provides operators with high durability and an excellent IR light source for specialty applications such as infrared spectroscopy analysis.   The EPL-SMLED-20W-1445 Explosion Proof Infrared LED Light is designed for use in hazardous locations and produces illumination in the 1445nm infrared end of the light spectrum. This unit is equipped with a 20 watt LED lamp assembly that runs cooler, lasts far longer, and produces infrared light without the need for lenses or filters. This unit is waterproof and tested to 500 hours of salt spray exposure in accordance with MIL-F-8115C Military Specifications.
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This explosion proof infrared LED light fixture is comprised of a 20 watt infrared LED equipped light head, aluminum alloy yoke, and flat mounting based with preformed bolt slots designed to allow permanent mounting to flat surfaces. The entire unit is fabricated from heavy duty aluminum and is factory sealed and water tight. This unit requires no external seals, and the light head can be adusted through 135° of vertical movement. The yoke is formed of high strength aluminum alloy, the lens is thermal shock and impact resistant glass, and the entire housing is formed of cast aluminum with an aluminum enamel coating. The LED emitters in this unit are specially mounted to provide the highest output possible with little loss from lens diffusion. The 20 watt infrared LEDs produce illumination in the 1445 nanometer range of the mid infrared light spectrum, making this an ideal unit for use in testing and analysis applications such as infrared spectroscopy. The infrared LEDs produce infrared light without the need for lenses or filters. Similar infrared units utilize high wattage incandescent lamps equiped with lenses, which results in a hot running unit with a short operational life. This infrared LED lamp runs much cooler than incandescent lamps and has a far longer operational life of up to 50,000 hours as compared to the 600-100 hours for a standard halogen lamp. This greatly reduces the costs associated with frequently replacing lamps and servicing. This light is designed to operate with 9 to 48 volts DC standard. This low voltage design allows direct connection to low voltage DC power sources without the need for transformers or inverters. This infrared lamp is extremely rugged and sealed against intrusion from water or dust making it ideal for use in marine evnvironments where damage due to salt water spray and dampness is an issue. This explosion proof IR light is approved Class 1 Division 1 Groups C and D as well as UL Standard 1598, and 844 compliant.
Made in the USA Quality
1. Thick cast aluminum construction. 2. Thermal shock and impact resistant glass lens. 3. Aluminum alloy yoke. 4. High stability permanent mount pedestal base.. 5. Factory sealed, no external seals required. 6. 500 hour salt-spray tested. Per MIL-F-8115C. 7. Low Maintenance. 8. LED lamp lasts longer, uses less power, and creates less heat. 9. Explosion proof. 10.Corrosion Resistant.

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