Explosion Proof Toxic Gas Sensor w/ Audible Horn - Propane/Butane - C1D1 - Timed Adjustment


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Specifications / Additional Information
EPL-TL-PA-AT-GSPB Explosion Proof Sensor w/ Alarm Ratings
Unit Type: Explosion Proof Toxic Gas Sensor w/ Horn United States & Canada
Dimensions: - Class I, Division 1 Groups C and D
Weight: - Class II, Division 1 Groups E and F
Voltage: 120/240V AC or 24V DC Class III
Sensor Type: Electrochemical for Toxic Gases Combustible Gas Sensor
Sensor Accuracy: +/- 10% IP67 Waterproof
Programmable Alarm Relays (Sensor): 3 New York City Department of Buildings Approved
Time Adjustment Range (Horn): 0.1 - 102.3s  
Sound Level: Up to 110dbAW @ 10ft from Horn  
Peak Output: 110 dBA
Selectable Tones: 8
Materials: Aluminum
Mounting: Ceiling, Wall, Flat Surface
Base: Pre-drilled Aluminum Base
Wiring: 3/4" Hub - Flying Leads
' Product Overview '
The EPL-TL-PA-AT-GSPB Explosion Proof Toxic Gas Sensor w/ Audible Horn from Larson Electronics is a cutting-edge warning system for flammable environments and facilities. This unit is equipped with an electrochemical toxic gas sensor and an audible horn capable of 110 dBA peak output. The IP67-rated unit supports ceiling, wall, flat or surface mounting configurations. The EPL-TL-PA-AT-GSPB is a fully functional combustible gas warning system for flammable work sites. This unit consists of an electrochemical toxic gas transmitter/sensor and an horn for audio-based notifications. The explosion proof system operates on 120/240V AC or 24V DC for standard or low voltage operation. The entire unit is finished in a durable gray powder coat for resistance to corrosion. A NEMA 4X-rated explosion proof junction box protects the internal wiring and can be tapped in order to connect this unit to power sources. This explosion proof device is durable, can operate in any weather condition and is rated for Class I, Division 1 and Class II, Division 1 areas where flammable gas and dust are present or have the potential to exist. Horn: The EPL-TL-PA-AT-GSPB is equipped with an explosion proof horn. Attached to the far end of the base, this audible horn provides operators with up to 8 different tones that can reach a peak output of 110 dBA, powerful enough to be heard over industrial operations. The explosion proof audible alarm setup sounds a unique tone per user setting. Operators may customize the duration of the horn blast when the unit is triggered. DIP switch-selectable time delays include 0.1 - 102.3 seconds in three ranges. The time delay component features a solid-state build for increased reliability in industrial work sites. Please note that removing input voltage resets the time delay and the output. Toxic Gas Sensor: A robust toxic gas sensor actively detects hydrocarbons for propane and butane in the flammable environment, with +/- 10 percent accuracy. This component features three programmable internal alarm relays for local alarms and an LCD display for direct configuration. Internal data logger provides storage and recall of gas measurements. Four magnetic switches at the front of the transmitter is available for controls. Operators may set a 4-digit password to deter tampering. Wiring/Mounting: The EPL-TL-PA-AT-GSPB comes with a 3/4" NPT conduit access hub for completing wiring connections. Mounting is provided by a heavy gauge aluminum base with predrilled holes designed to be bolted to walls and flat surfaces for permanent and secure attachment. Power is provided by individual conductors to allow independent operation of each tone combination. Operators can tap the C1D1 junction box in order to connect to a power source. Applications: Hazardous locations, chemical processing, flammable work sites, semiconductor plants, refineries, plastics manufacturing, agricultural sites, safety systems and more.

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