250W High Pressure Sodium Explosion Proof Light - Multi-Tap - C1D2 - C2D1&2


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Specifications / Additional Information
EPLC2-250HPS Explosion Proof High Pressure Sodium Light Fixture Approvals/Ratings
Lamp Type: High Pressure Sodium Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D
Lamp Dimensions: 21.5"L x 13"OD Class I Zone 2 - Groups IIA, IIB and IIC
Ballast: Pulse Start / Multi-Tap Class II Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F and G
Watts: 250 NEMA 4x, IP66, NEMA 9
Lumens Per Watt: 116 Lm/W UL 1598 Marine
Voltage: Multi-Tap - 120, 208, 240 and 277 Volts UL 844
Lighting Configuration: Flood Pattern Suitable for Wet Locations
Mounting: 3/4" Ceiling, Wall or Pendant mount Bulb NOT Included
Total Lumens: 29,000
Wiring: 3/4" Conduit
Temp Rating: T2A
Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The EPLC2-250HPS from Larson Electronics is a High Pressure Sodium Hazardous Area Light Fixture that produces 29,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area approximately 12,000 square feet in size. Weather proof and U.L. listed for marine use, this high pressure sodium fixture is available in pendant, ceiling or wall mount versions and is an ideal choice for industrial applications and for use in enclosed spaces. The EPLC2-250HPS is rated for Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D and Class II Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F and G hazardous areas. The durable EPLC2-250HPS high pressure sodium fixture from Larson Electronics is approved for use in wet marine locations and is ideal for industrial applications, confined spaces, hazardous work areas and Class I Division 2 areas where a powerful and durable floodlighting solution is needed. The lamp housing is weatherproof and constructed of non-sparking aluminum featuring a heavy duty, mogul base lamp socket, tempered and heat resistant glass dome and cast aluminum dome guard. This lamp carries a long lamp life rating of 60,000 hours and a fast hot restrike capability, reducing downtime and replacement costs.This unit is available in pendant, ceiling and wall mount versions and includes stainless steel exterior hardware for added resistance to the salt water conditions found in marine environments. This hazardous area light is U.L. rated Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D and is UL1598 listed for outdoor marine use. The integral multi-tap ballast is protected within the weatherproof housing and can be operated on 120, 208, 240 and 277 Volts. This lamp is suitable for use in confined spaces and areas where wet marine conditions exist. The multi-purpose floodlight design of this fixture makes it a popular choice for industrial and marine applications regardless of whether the locations are designated hazardous or not. The non sparking aluminum fixture body is electrocoated for durability and corrosion resistance while a tempered glass globe protected by an aluminum globe guard provides lamp security against impacts and the elements. Wiring: This light is highly durable and produces 29,000 lumens of high-intensity light output in a wide flood pattern. Wiring is through a convenient 3/4" NPT conduit entrance. Three-conductor No. 14 cable (with 90°C minimum insulation) is recommended for making electrical connections. Wiring is accomplished through the wiring enclosure provided on the fixture. The box is provided with a size 3/4-in. NPT threaded conduit opening. Wiring methods must comply with NFPA 70 (The National Electrical Code). Please Note: This fixture does not include bulb. Please see related items for replacement lamp. Suggested Applications: Ship yards, boat yards, plants, tanks, vessels, fuel cells, barges and oil field applications.
Made in the USA Quality High Pressure Sodium Benefits
1. High Efficiency High Pressure Sodium lamp. 2. 116 Lumens per Watt. 3. Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Lamp Housing. 4. Shock Resistant Tempered Glass. 5. Heavy Duty Gasket. 6. Socket: Mogul Base. 7. Low Maintenance. 8. Corrosion Resistant Materials. 9. Stainless Hardware. 10. UL Listed for Marine Environments. 1. Long lamp life. 2. High efficiency and low amp draw after initial startup. 3. High durability and reliability. 4. High output and very good color rendering. 5. Vibration and shock resistant. 6. Low maintenance.

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