Explosion Proof 3-Position Selector Switch - Class I, II, Div 1 & 2 - Momentary/Maintained/Momentary


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EPS-3PSW-MM - Explosion Proof Factory Sealed 3-Position Selector Switch Ratings/Approvals
Listing: NRTL Listed for United States and Canada Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C, D
Unit Type: Factory Sealed Switch Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G
Dimensions: 3.5"W x 5.88"H x 2.38"D Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G
Weight: - Class III
Voltage Rating: 600V AC NEMA 3, 7(C, D) 9(E, F, G)
Switch Type: 3-Position Selector
Switch Action: Momentary - Spring Loaded (Left), Maintained (Center), Momentary - Spring Loaded (Right)
Contacts: (2) NO
Poles: Single
Material: Copper Free Aluminum Alloy
Configuration: Feed Thru or Dead End
Hub Size: 1/2" or 3/4"
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics EPS-3PSW-MM Explosion Proof Factory Sealed 3-Position Selector Switch is suitable for preventing the ignition of external, flammable atmospheres in hazardous locations. This unit features the following classified ratings: Class I, Division 1 & 2 (Groups C, D); Class II, Division 1 (Groups E, F, G); Class II Division 2 Groups F & G and Class III. The explosion proof switch comes with a 600V AC voltage rating and a weatherproof build. When purchasing this product, please choose between 1/2" or 3/4" NPT hub sizes and feed thru/dead end options. This explosion proof selector switch is factory sealed, which eliminates the need for external sealing. The 600V AC-rated unit supports 3 positions with the following action: momentary (left, spring loaded), maintained (center) and momentary (right, spring loaded). To prevent accidental activation, a visible switch indication nameplate can be found above the knob. The device`s body and covers are constructed of copper-free aluminum alloy. The EPS-3PSW-MM comes with stainless steel captive screws for the cover assembly. Cast conduit hubs sizes 1/2" or 3/4" are available either in feed thru or dead end configurations. Applications: Starters, remote control of motors, chemical processing plants, food processing facilities, oil refineries and other hazardous locations applicable to the unit`s classified ratings.  

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