Explosion Proof 30 Amp Switch - Class I Div 1 and Class II Div 1 - Non-Metallic Waterproof Switch - Lock Out Tag Out Capable


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EPSW-30A-WP Explosion Proof Tumbler Switch Certifications - Compliance
Switch Voltage Rating: 120-277 V AC Class 1 Division 1 & 2 Groups C, D
Switch Current Rating: 30 Amps NEMA 3R
Grounding: Single Internal Housing Ground Screw NEMA 4X
Configuration: Feed Through, Front Switch NEMA 7 (Groups C, D)
Hub Qty: (2) Feed Through or (1) Dead End NEMA 12
Hub Size: 1/2" or 3/4"
Unit Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastic, Silicone Gasket, Nylon Switch
Insulation: Integral Bushings in Conductor Openings
Mounting: External Mounting Lugs on Body
Unit Dimensions: 4.50"-W x 6.19"-L x 5.63"-D
Switch Type: Single Pole
Lock Out, Tag Out Capable: Yes - Lock Out, Tag Out Hole Included
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The EPSW-30A-WP from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Feed Through Tumbler Switch that is approved for use in Class I Divisions 1 & 2 rated environments and provides a safe and secure method for operators to interrupt power before connecting and disconnecting portable or stationary electrical devices and equipment in hazardous locations. This non-metallic explosion proof switch is lock out, tag out capable and is rated for 30 amps. It is constructed of non-metallic materials to be corrosion resistant and NEMA 4X rated. This explosion proof tumbler switch is ideal for operators seeking a high quality explosion proof switch rated for use in hazardous areas designated Class I Division 1 with corrosion resistance. This explosion proof switch is rated at 30 amps, 120-277 V AC. The entire unit is constructed of thermoplastic that is reinforced with 30% fiberglass to make this unit corrosion resistant. This unit is easily wall mounted via integral mounting tabs at two corners of the housing and provides two 1/2" or 3/4" NPT hub openings located on the top and the bottom of the housing for running electrical conductors in a feed through configuration. A bushing seal at each conductor opening prevents damage to wiring insulation. This unit is rated to handle electrical loads of 120-277 V AC up to 30 amps and is suitable for use in environments where gases and vapors are present or may be present. The EPSW-30A-WP explosion proof switch cover and housing box is constructed of a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic with all arcing devices contained within an explosion proof labyrinth switch for the highest protection possible. The labyrinth between the face plate and device body is sealed with a silicone gasket. This design does not require external sealing fittings. Each hub opening is fitted with an integral bushing to prevent fraying or damage to insulation. Two external mounting lugs provide simple and secure mounting of the unit to walls and flat surafces. The unit box, switch, and face plate are all included with the product. Lock Out / Tag Out: Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) is the process of ensuring dangerous machines or equipment are completely shut off and unable to be started again until maintenance or repairs can be completed. Proper LOTO requires hazardous energy sources (electricity, gas, pressure, etc.) to be "isolated and rendered inoperative" prior to any work beginning on the specific equipment. A lock is then secured on the isolated power sources along with a tag that identifies the worker who placed it. That worker then keeps the key on their person ensuring no one else can start up the equipment. The EPSW-30A-WP is equipped with lock out, tag out holes that allow for proper safety precautions to be taken before maintenane or repair work begins on dangerous equipment and machinery. Please note that this unit does NOT come with a lock or tag. It is LOTO-ready, but operators must provide their own locks, keys, and tags. Hubs: The EPSW-30A-WP is equipped with tapped conduit openings are provided on the top and bottom of the unit in feed through versions while dead end versions have a single conduit hub, providing easy and secure connection to main power line supplies. The hubs are available in either 1/2" or 3/4" NPT sizes. Suggested Applications: Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Lighting, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.

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