Larson 2HP Explosion Proof AC Line Reactor - Class I, II, III - 208V, 3PH 60Hz - 16A - NEMA

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PuriLite suggests you place an order directly with us for large Larson orders due to the potential customization requirements. Please call us at 1-844-787-5483 to place your order. If you prefer to place your order online, a PuriLite agent will be in touch with you to discuss any custom options.
The Larson Electronics ETX-ALR-3PH-208V-2HP-16A Explosion Proof AC Line Reactor protects VFDs and motors from power surges, tripping and overvoltage in combustible environments. This 2HP device is compatible with three-phase 208V AC, 60Hz. Constructed of copper-free aluminum, the AC line reactor can be mounted on surfaces and contains two, 3/4" NPT hubs.
The ETX-ALR-3PH-208V-2HP-16A provides power conditioning solutions for VFDs and connected equipment in Class I, II and III rated combustible sites. This 2HP device operates on three-phase 208V AC, 60Hz. The line reactor is rated at 16A amps and offers 1378 uH inductance (751+ uH), with 6% impedance. An insulation class of 180°C and maximum temperature rise of 115°C ensures sustainable use in industrial sites.
This explosion proof line reactor is protected by a copper-free aluminum housing, with an aluminum lacquer paint finish. The line reactor's windings are constructed of copper, with a gapped iron core. Designed for power conditioning, this unit can be installed at the line side of a VFD. When applied this way, the device increases system reliability and total power factor, as well as promotes cool/quiet operation. It also decreases overvoltage trips, harmonics, voltage drops and power surges.
This explosion proof AC line reactor is equipped with terminal blocks for completing electrical connections. Operators may access two, 3/4" hubs on the enclosure. One, 3/4" NPT hub is located on the west side and one, 3/4" NPT hub can be found on the east side.
The ETX-ALR-3PH-208V-2HP-16A is compatible with surface mounting applications, which is facilitated by mounting ears at the back of the unit.
Hazardous locations, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, food processing, VFDs power conditioning, oil/gas pumps, HVAC systems, industrial machines, extruder, water-treatment plants, irrigation systems and motor protection.
Input to Inverter/Drive
Output of Inverter/Drive (AC Drive only)
Multiple Controllers on a Single Power Line
Multiple Motors Controlled by a Single Drive (AC Drive only)
Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and we can build portable power distribution systems to your Specifications. Although we carry several models of portable power distribution systems in stock, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-844-787-5483 or
to discuss your specific requirements.

Listing: United States, Canada
Unit Type: Explosion Proof AC Line Reactor
Dimensions: 12.32" x 12.32" x 8.09"
Weight: 41 lbs
Voltage: 208V AC
Phase: 3PH
Frequency: 60Hz
Reactor Amps: 16A
Inductance: 1378 uH (751+ uH)
Impedance: 6%
Insulation Class: 180°C
Max Temperature Rise: 115°C
Materials: Copper-free Aluminum
Finish: Aluminum Lacquer Paint
Mounting: Surface
Wiring: Terminal Blocks
Hub Qty/Size: (2) 3/4" NPT
Hub Location: (1) 3/4" NPT @ West, (1) 3/4" NPT @ East

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