Explosion Proof Sensor Security Terminal - 12V DC - (2) Inputs, (2) Outputs - KNX System


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EXP-AKC-DNS-12V Explosion Proof Security Terminal Ratings
Listing: NRTL Listed for United States and Canada Listed for United States & Canada
Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 2 5/8" Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D
Weight: 1 lb Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIB+H2, IIA
Aux Voltage: 12V DC + 1.6V SELV Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G
Aux Current: 13mA to 43 mA Class III, Divisions 1 & 2
Current Consumption KNX: < 6 mA NEMA 3R, 4, 7 (B, C, D), 9 (E, F, G)
Inputs: (2) NRTL Listed to UL 508A
Outputs: (2) Monostable Relay NRTL Listed to UL 1203
Materials: Feraloy Iron Alloy NRTL Listed to CSA C22.2 No 14, 25, 30
Connections: Bus Connection Terminal (KNX - Black/Red), Screw Terminals (Aux Voltage, Inputs and Outputs)  
Mount: Surface/Conduit
Hubs: (2) 3/4" Feed-Thru Hubs
Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics EXP-AKC-DNS-12V Explosion Proof Security Terminal is recommended for effective sensor communication, monitoring and signaling in Class I, II and III rated work sites. The low voltage interface works with KNX systems and comes equipped with two inputs and two outputs. This unit can be used to support remote lighting systems, security systems, hallway lighting and perimeter lighting systems. The EXP-AKC-DNS-12V facilitates seamless integration between customer-provided equipment, such as security sensors, and KNX systems. This unit operates on 12V DC and features two monitored inputs, as well as two monostable relay outputs. The explosion proof interface is suitable for sending output signals to upstream systems. This unit contains bus terminals (black/red) for connection with KNX components. Screw terminals are provided for connecting auxiliary voltage, inputs and outputs. For durability, the EXP-AKC-DNS-12V is protected by a feraloy iron alloy housing. Hubs: The explosion proof device contains two, 3/4" feed-thru hubs. Mount: The EXP-AKC-DNS-12V is compatible with surface or conduit mounting applications. Applications: Automation, security, integration with KNX systems, HID, incandescent and fluorescent luminaries/lighting systems in hazardous locations, such as oil and gas facilities, chemical processing plants, food manufacturing establishments, mining sites and more.

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