Replacement Pendant Light for EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN - Includes Light Head, (2) 90s, Seal Off & Conduit


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Specifications / Additional Information
EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN-SP0001-PND Replacement LED Light Fixture Approvals/Ratings
Lamp Type: LED Class I Divisions 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C and D
Light Head Dimensions: 8-7/8"Dia x 13-3/4"H Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIC, IIB, IIA
Voltage: 11-25V AC/DC Class II, Divisions 1 & 2 Groups E, F, G
Watts: 25W T3C Temperature Rating
Lumens: 2500 UL 1598 and UL 844 Listed
Luminous Efficacy: 100 Lm/W CSA C22.2 No. 250 and No. 137 Listed
Lighting Configuration: Steady Burn - Flood Suitable for Wet Environments
Mounting: Replacement Light Head for EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN
Material: Non-Sparking Aluminum
Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated
Wiring: (2) 90° Elbows, Seal Off and Rigid Conduit for Connection Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
  Intl: 1-214-616-6180
  Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
The EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN-SP0001-PND from Larson Electronics is a Replacement Light Head for the emergency lighting fixture. The EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN-SP0001-PND comes with a Larson Electronics` pendant mount explosion proof LED light fixture, two 90° elbows, a seal off and rigid conduit to connect the replacement light head to existing emergency battery enclosures. The EPL-HBMN-25 LED fixture is an explosion proof 25 watt light that is UL and CSA Listed for Class I Divisions 1 & 2 Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II Divisions 1 & 2 Groups E, F and G; and Class III hazardous locations. This explosion proof LED light is suitable for wet locations as well. Light Fixture Features: The versatile EPL-HBNM-25 factory sealed explosion proof LED light is listed for use in wet locations and hazardous work areas with vapors, dusts or flyings. A specially formulated two-coat baked epoxy enamel protects the copper free aluminum housing. The high temperature, glass-reinforced phenolic socket in the fixture has a collector ring and pin that automatically make electrical contact as the fixture is threaded on to the mount. The globes are made from heat and impact resistant glass and the prismatic configuration is on the interior of the globe, so the exterior is smooth for cleaning. A special UL listed sintered metal flame arrestor makes this fixture suitable for Class I Groups A and B listing.
LED Benefits: Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation and/or transportation. Instead of heating a small filament or using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current is applied, providing instant illumination with no warm up or cool down time before re-striking. Because there is no warm up period, this light can be cycled on and off with no reduction in lamp life. LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures than traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights and contain no harmful gases, vapors, or mercury, making them both safer and more energy efficient. No extra energy is wasted in cooling enclosed work areas due to external heat emissions from bulb type lights, and the operator risks associated with traditional lighting methods, such as accidental burns and exposure to hazardous substances contained in the glass bulbs, are eliminated. In addition, LEDs are also safer for the environment as they are 100% recyclable, which eliminates the need for costly special disposal services required with traditional gas burning and arc type lamps. The EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN-SP0001-PND also includes everything needed to connect the replacement LED light head to existing emergency battery enclosures. This includes two 90° elbows, a seal off and rigid conduit to attach the replacement light head to the battery enclosure. Suggested Applications: Replacing broken, damaged or otherwise compromised light heads on the EXP-EMG-12W-2L-HBMN emergency light fixture in chemical plants and other areas where ignitable vapors, dust, moisture and corrosive atmospheres are present.

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