Explosion Proof Exit Sign - Class I, Div. I & II - 120-277 Volts AC


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Specifications / Additional Information
EXP-EXT-12W-LED Remote Exit Sign U.L Ratings
Lamp Type: LED Class 1, Groups C and D
Lamp Dimensions: 7.25"-Wide, 15" Height-Light Class II, Groups E and F
Lamp Weight: 10 lbs Class III, Groups E, F and G
Hub: 3/4" or 1/2" Threaded IP67 (water proof)
Lumens: 1050 Suitable for Paint Spray Booths
Voltage: 120-277 Volts 50/60hz AC, 24 Volts DC, and 12 Volts DC T3C Temperature Rating
Lighting Configuration: Steady Burn LED Lamp driven at 90%
Mounting: 3/4" Hub
Temp Rating: T3C
LED Lamp Watts: 10 Watts
Strobe Count:   N/A
Wiring:  3/4 inch Hub Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Lamp Life:  50,000+ Hours Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Lamp Efficiency:  110 lm/w Fax: 1-903-498-3364
Power Factor:  90% E-mail: 
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The EXP-EXT-12W-LED Explosion Proof Remote Exit Sign from Larson Electronics is rated Class 1 Division 1 Class II Division I & II and is an ideal emergency lighting solution for hazardous locations where failsafe lighting reliability is a must.   The EXP-EXT-12W-LED is an ideal solution for operators who wish to ensure their hazardous workspaces employ the most effective and reliable safety lighting options available. The powerful and durable explosion proof LED exit sign from Larson Electronics is approved for use in paint spray booths and is ideal for industrial applications, hazardous work spaces, and areas where gases, vapors and dusts may be present and a powerful and durable general purpose light solution is needed. The lamp housing is waterproof, constructed of heavy cast aluminum, and UL tested to withstand 1490 lbs. per square inch of hydrostatic pressure. This hazardous area LED remote exit light carries a T3C temperature rating and is UL Listed Class 1, Groups C and D, Class 2, Groups E and F, and Class III, Groups E, F and G. This strobe light is IP67 rated waterproof and suitable for use in paint spray booths and areas where flammable gases, vapors and chemicals may be encountered as well as approved for exposure to combustible dusts. The cast aluminum housing is fully factory sealed and includes an integrated inspection hole for easy access to the splice compartment. Wiring is through a 1/2" or 3/4" hub. Please specify hub size when ordering. The LED lamp in this unit offers exceptional power and a 50,000+ hour life span and is energized by leads which pass through a sealing compound that separates the lamp chamber from the wiring compartment. The LED lamp assembly is protected by an impact and heat resistant clear prismatic globe with heavy gauge aluminum reflector that affords excellent light control. We offer four different mounting options with this explosion proof light. Pendant Mount: Available with either a single 3/4" or 1/2" wiring hub, the pendant mount option allows operators to suspend the fixture from the ceiling or other suitable mounting location. The pendant mount option allows the operator to choose the distance of the fixture from the mounting surface by altering the length of the connecting conduit accordingly to achieve the desired position. Wall Mount: Available with either 4- 3/4" or 4- 1/2" wiring hubs, the wall mount option allows operators to attach the fixture to flat surfaces such as walls, bulkheads, entryways etc. This option provides optimal placement for identifying specific locations such as exit ways, entryways, high caution areas etc. Ceiling Mount: Available with either 4- 3/4" or 4- 1/2" wiring hubs, the ceiling mount option provides the most rigid and secure placement of the fixture when mounted to ceiling locations. This mounting option provides a fixed position and has no provision for altering the distance of the lamp from the ceiling. Stanchion Mount: Available with either a single 3/4" or 1/2" wiring hub, the stanchion mount option allows operators to mount this unit in locations where vertical or horizontal wall or ceiling mounting is unavailable or undesirable. Additionally, the stanchion mount can be used to produce custom mounting angles or to mount the unit in unusual locations to achieve the best performance from the unit. Number of Hubs and Sizes: The wiring hubs on these units are threaded for connection to rigid conduit and threaded connectors. Pendant and Stanchion mount configurations contain a single wiring hub and can be ordered with either a 3/4` or 1/2" hub. Ceiling and Wall Mount configurations are available with 3/4" or 1/2" hubs and contain 4 threaded wiring hubs to allow feed through and series connections as well as connection to vertical or horizontally placed conduit.

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