Larson Intrinsically Safe - Dual Beam- LED Flashlight - Push Button Switch - 240 Lumens

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The Larson Electronics EXP-LED-FX2 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight is designed to handle the demands of working within hazardous locations and environments where potentially explosive vapors, gases and other volatile compounds may be encountered.  
This intrinsically safe LED flashlight produces a powerful 120 lumen light beam and adds extra functionality and utility through the inclusion of an independently operable secondary flood type beam. The main beam from this compact and lightweight LED flashlight is tightly focused to produce a far reaching beam of bright white light. A secondary beam can be operated independently of the main light to produce an 120 lumen flood pattern of light useful for close work and general illumination. Either beam can be operated alone to produce an 120 lumen spotlight or floodlight beam, or in combination to produce a total of 240 lumens of light. This LED flashlight is versatile, rugged and can serve in industrial, public and tactical applications with ease.
Both the flood and spot beams of this flashlight are actuated via their own momentary or constant on switches. The high intensity LEDs used in this flashlight produce 120 lumens of light each and offer 50,000 hour lifespans. These high efficiency LEDs produce a 14 hour runtime on a single set of three AA batteries when operating only one light beam, and a 7 hour runtime when operating both beams together in combination. The housing is constructed of lightweight and chemical resistant Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy that offers non slip grip and high durability. This LED flashlight is impact and vibration resistant, is also waterproof and comes with an included lanyard and pocket clip for easy carrying convenience. This intrinsically safe flashlight is approved Class 1, 2, 3 Div 1, Class 1, 2, 3, Div 2 and offers users the highest level of hazardous location protection available while providing the safety and efficiency of brilliant LED illumination.
High Quality Construction
Superior LED Benefits
1. High Intensity LEDs- 80 Lumens
2. Two Momentary/Constant On Switches
3. Single or Tandem Light Beam Operation
4. Waterproof
5. Chemical/Impact Resistant
6. 14 hour Runtime
7. Intrinsically Safe Approval
8. Lanyard/Clip Carry
9. Lightweight
1. Extreme long life.
2. High efficiency and low amp draw.
3. High durability and reliability.
4. Small size and light weight.
5. 100% recyclable.
6. No toxins-lead, mercury.
7. High light output.
8. Consistent color over time.
9. High Versatility.
10. No fragile glass used in construction.
12. Vibration/impact resistant.

Lamp Type:
Dimensions:  Dia-1-3/4"   Length-7 "
Weight: 5.9 Oz
Power: 3 AA Alkaline Batteries
Runtime: 14 hrs Single mode, 7 Hours Dual Mode
Lumens:  120 per Beam- 240 Total Dual Mode
Lamp Life: 50,000 hrs
Available Colors: Black or Green
Waterproof: Yes- Rated to 1 Meter

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