Explosion Proof Combination Motor Starter - Class I, II, III - 15HP, 480V Rated 3PH - NEMA 4, 4X


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Specifications / Additional Information
EXP-MTSTR-DOL-3P-480V-15HP-20A Explosion Proof Motor Starter Features/Ratings
Unit Type: Explosion Proof Combination Motor Starter Class I, Divisions 1&2, Groups B,C,D
Dimensions: 25.5" x 14.5" x 9.125" Class I, Zones 1&2, Groups llB,llA
Weight: 88 lbs Class II, Divisions 1&2, Groups E,F,G
Capacity: 15 HP Class III, Divisions 1&2
Voltage: 480V Rated 50/60 Hz NEMA 3, 4, 4X
Phase: 3PH Breaker Handle (Padlockable)
Coil Voltage: 110V 50Hz or 120V 60Hz (Rating Depends on Frequency) NEMA Starter Size 2
FLA Rating: 4A to 20A  
Disconnect Amp Trip: 50A
Reset Function: Manual or Automatic
Protection: Overload, Under Voltage, Phase Protection Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Materials: Copper-free Aluminum, 316 SS (Hardware)
Mount: Wall or Surface
Hubs: 1.5" NPT, 3/4" NPT @ Top and Bottom; 1/2" NPT @ Drain Breather
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics EXP-MTSTR-DOL-3P-480V-15HP-20A Explosion Proof Combination Starter provides motor starting solutions for industrial equipment located in combustible environments. This 15 HP unit provides compatibility with 480V three-phase and is protected by a NEMA 4, 4X enclosure. The solid-state, explosion proof device features manual and automatic reset controls. The EXP-MTSTR-DOL-3P-480V-15HP-20A can be used to start and preserve industrial motors in flammable facilities. This 15 HP unit is compatible with 480V three-phase 50/60 Hz. The motor starter features a coil voltage of 110V 50Hz or 120 60Hz (rating depends on frequency) and a NEMA 2 starter size. Equipped with an FLA rating range of 4 amps to 20 amps, the explosion proof device features a 50-amp disconnect amp trip. Reset options include automatic or manual. The explosion proof reduced voltage starter is protected by a NEMA 4, 4X rated enclosure. Cooling is provided by natural wind, making the unit suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations with adequate ventilation. The motor starter is housed in a copper-free aluminum enclosure with 316-grade stainless steel cover bolts. An accessible breaker handle can be padlocked in the ON or OFF position, in order to reduce tampering. Mount: The EXP-MTSTR-DOL-3P-480V-15HP-20A can be securely mounted on walls or surfaces. This explosion proof unit contains 1.5" NPT and 3/4" NPT hubs located at the top and bottom of the enclosure. A 1/2" NPT hub is available for the drain breather. Applications: Flammable environments, chemical processing, food manufacturing, industrial motors, overload protection, reduced voltage starter, equipment preservation, pumps, manufacturing belts, inrush control, power monitoring and more.

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