Larson 3.5W Explosion Proof Smoke Detector - C1D1 - 120V AC - Ceiling Mount - IP44 - (4) 3/4" NPT

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The EXP-SD-SFC-120V-V1 from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Smoke Detector that is designed for combustible facilities. This 120V AC smoke alarm contains three sets of relays, a magnetic test switch and an LED indicator. Constructed of polycarbonate/ABS and copper-free aluminum, the IP44 rated unit is compatible with ceiling mounting applications.
The EXP-SD-SFC-120V-V1 is a cutting-edge smoke detector for use in flammable work sites. Equipped with a magnetic test switch and an LED indicator, this low voltage unit operates on 120V AC. A low output range of 0-20 mA ensures seamless integration with Distributed Control Systems (DCS). The LED indicator flashes once every four seconds on standby mode. When the alarm is activated, the LED light is steady on. The unit will automatically deactivate the alarm after 10 seconds, when smoke falls below the threshold for detection.
The explosion proof device contains three sets of relays (total of 8 relay outputs): Smoke Alarm, Trouble and Auxiliary. The 5-amp smoke alarm relay is Form C with normally open and normally closed contacts, as well as normally de-energized operation. The 5-amp trouble relay is Form A with normally open contacts and normally energized operation. The 5-amp auxiliary relay is Form C with normally open and normally closed contacts, as well as normally de-energized operation.
The explosion proof smoke alarm is constructed of polycarbonate/ABS, with a copper-free aluminum junction box. When mounted to ceilings, the unit is IP44 rated. This explosion proof detector features a T4 temperature rating and is ATEX/IECEx rated.
The EXP-SD-SFC-120V-V1 contains terminals that accept 14-18 AWG shielded stranded copper wire during installation. Operators may access a total of four, 3/4" NPT hubs to complete electrical connections.
Operators can mount the explosion proof device on ceilings.
Combustible storage buildings, hazardous locations, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refineries, battery rooms, turbine enclosures, industrial operations and more.
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Listing: United States, Canada, EU, International
Type: Explosion Proof Smoke Alarm
Dimensions: 5" x 13.6"
Weight: 7.85 lbs
Voltage: 120V AC
Watts: 3.5W (Maximum)
Smoke Alarm Relay: Form C, 5A @ 30V DC - NO/NC Contacts + Normally De-energized Operation
Trouble Relay: Form A, 5A @ 30V DC - NO Contacts + Normally Energized Operation
Auxiliary Relay: Form C, 5A @ 30V DC - NO/NC Contacts + Normally De-energized Operation
Current Output: 0-20 mA (±0.3 mA) DC w/ Max Loop Resistance of 300 ohms from 12-17.9V DC
Operating Temperature Range: –20°C to +65°C
Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH
Materials: Polycarbonate/ABS (Detector), Copper-free Aluminum (Junction Box)
Mounting: Ceiling Mount
Terminals/Wire Size: 14-18 AWG Rated (Shielded Stranded Copper Wire)
Hubs: (4) 3/4" NPT
Color: Red/White

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