Larson Hazardous Location Remote Observation Camera - Explosion Proof - Fixed Lens - 480i Resolution

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The EXPCMR-SS explosion proof camera from Larson Electronics is an inspection camera that can be used for remote observation in hazardous locations. It is available in a fixed lens configuration and can produce an image up to 480i resolution. The EXPCMR-SS allows operators to see visual process data from a centralized control room. The 316 stainless steel casing is approved for Ex Zones 1, 2, 21, & 22, Groups IIc and IIIc and has protection type IP65.
Camera Features:
The EXPCMR-SS camera is designed to allow operators to have a live feed from inside a tank, reactor, vessel or other workplace observation in hazardous locations. The explosion proof camera is incredibly durable and ready to be deployed in many different workplace conditions. The camera is operated remotely from a centralized control room which saves both time and money as well as contributing to workplace safety. Able to be mounted virtually anywhere, the EXPCMR-SS is both lightweight and compact. The explosion proof camera is available in both black and white or color versions and offers resolutions of up to 480i quality.
This remote inspection camera features a pressure-resistant 316 stainless steel body and weighs just under 4.5 pounds. The camera itself features 1 lux sensitivity, a 2-wire transmitter and a polished stainless steel mounting bracket as well as a built-in color CCD camera and a 1/3" CCD sensor. The lens of the EXPCMR-SS features a viewing angle between 28° and 60° and the minimum lens to object distance is 3.15 inches.
Electrical Connection:
Link-up with the camera is achieved through the use of an included electrical connection box. The box operates on a primary voltage of 100-230 V 50/60Hz and a secondary 12 V DC. The total power draw of the terminal box and the camera combined is a minimal 7.5 W. The terminal box on the EXPCMR-SS also has an IP40 protection rating. Four core coaxial cable with PUR sheathing is used as the control line to connect the camera and the terminal box with up to 328 feet of distance between the two units. Total weight of the camera and terminal box, minus the control line, is about seven pounds. The supply voltage for the camera is 12 V DC provided by the terminal box and the camera is rated for up to 5 W of power. It should be noted that the connection box needs to be set-up in a non-hazardous location while the camera itself is rated for potentially explosive areas.
The EXPCMR-SS explosion proof remote observation camera is typically mounted to the cover flange of a circular sight glass fitting using the included hinged bracket. Alternately, the camera can be mounted by way of a flanged adapter.
Vessel, tank and reactor monitoring, remote observation of external facilities, monitoring of cleaning, spray patterns, mixing, foaming, reaction, and level.
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Dimensions: 4.72"L x 4.25"W x 2.56"H
Camera Weight: 4.5 lbs
Total Watts (camera + connection box): 7.5 W
Voltage: 100-230 V 50/60Hz (primary), 12 V DC (secondary)
Materials: 316 Stainless Steel
Finish: Polished
Image Sensor: 1/3"- CCD
Pixels: NTSC: 380,000, PAL: 440,000
Light Sensitivity: 1 Lux
Resolution: 480 lines horizontal (480i)
Electronic Shutter Speed: Automatic, 1/1-1/10.000
Signal to Noise Ratio: >48db
Aperture Control: Automatic
Color System: NTSC: 768 x 492 PAL: 752 x 582
Wiring: 4 Core Coaxial Cable with PUR Sheathing
Application Temperature Range: -10°C to +45°C

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