Explosion Proof LED Compact Light - 10 Watt - 860 Lumen - 12-24 Volt DC - Spot or Flood Light


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EXPSG-LVLED-10W LED Compact Light Approvals
UL Listing: United States & Canada Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C and D
Lamp Type: Cree LED UL 1571 Approved for Wet Locations
Total Watts: 10 40°C Ambient Operating Temp
Lumens: 860
Beam: 10° Spot, 20° Wide Spot, 40° Medium Flood, 60° Flood
Voltage: 9-32 Volts DC - 12/24 VDC Suitable
Amps: 1/4 on 12 VDC
Weight: 7 Lbs
Mounting: Aluminum Brackets
Wiring: Terminal Block with Side Entrance Cover Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Operating Temp Range: 40°C ambient Intl: 1-214-616-6180
LED Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours
LED Output Color: 6000K
' Product Overview '
Made in USA The EXPSG-LVLED-10W Explosion Proof LED Light is Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C and D approved and rated for use in wet environments. The waterproof construction, bright white output, and long lamp life of this LED fixture provides operators with high output and low maintenance operation, making this low voltage LED light an excellent upgrade from shorter lived incandescent glass lamps. The EXPSG-LVLED-10W Explosion Proof LED Light is compact and powerful. This unit is equipped with a low voltage 10 watt LED lamp assembly that runs cooler and lasts far longer than traditional incandescent lamps, and produces high light output while operating on 9 to 32 VDC low voltage current. This unit is UL 1571 approved for wet locations and ideal for use in small spaces within hazardous locations. The EXPSG-LVLED-10W is excellent for specific area lighting such as instruments, control panels, valve manifolds, walkways, etc.
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The EXPSG-LVLED-10W is an excellent lighting solution for specific area lighting such as instruments, control panels, valve manifolds, walkways, etc. These sturdy lights are constructed of corrosion-resistant die cast aluminum alloy and are moisture-proof as well as explosion-proof (hazardous locations) so they are equally well suited for use in demanding installations indoors and out. Both spot and flood lamp configurations are available for particular applications. The EPL-SMLED-20W LED light is equipped with a high output 10 watt LED emitter that produces 860 lumens of bright light while drawing only 10 watts @1/4 amp from a 12 volt electrical system. A single CREE XLamp MC-E® 10 watt LED producing 860 lumens is combined with high purity optics to produce a 40 degree floodlight beam 70`L x 65`W that is ideal for illuminating a wider area around the fixture. We also offer an optional 10 degree spot, 20 degree wide spot, or 60 degree flood beam configuration. The LED lamp in this light offers greater output and longer life than halogen glass lamps, which improves work area visibility and reduces the need for maintenance and bulb replacements. This LED lamp has a 50,000 hour operational life, and produces as much light as a 50 watt halogen lamp while running far cooler and using only a fraction as much electrical power. This lamp is designed for low voltage operation and can be run from standard 12 or 24 VDC current without the need for additional transformers or hardware. This LED glass light is approved Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C and D and UL 1571 approved for wet areas, making it well suited to industrial locations where water resistance and explosion proof protection is mandatory.
Mounting Brackets: Straight mounting brackets included standard with this light are for use on single ports from 3€ to 6€ in size. Angle (offset) brackets are available for 6€ and larger assemblies used for single light port combinations. Brackets are adaptable to various types of mounting configurations for area lighting.
Parts, Construction and Materials €¢ Luminaire body: Corrosion resistant die cast aluminum, G-Al Si 10 Mg €¢ Lens Holder: Unit of aluminum ring, glass €¢ Brackets: Die cast Aluminum, G-Al Si 10 Mg €¢ Weight: 7 lb. (3.2 Kg) €¢ Gaskets: Silicone rubber o-rings Electrical Connection Installation 1. Disconnect main power supply 2. Remove side entrance cover 3. Attach power leads to terminal block 4. Replace cover insuring gasket (o-ring) is in place. Tighten. 5. Connect power Connections to be in accordance with National Electric Code® Requirements

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