Industrial Pin and Sleeve Connector - 3P+E - 32 Amp - 380V-415V - IP67 - Hinged Cover - 60309


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Specifications / Additional Information
GAU-415V-3P4W-32A-C-IP67 Water Tight Pin and Sleeve Connector Certifications - Compliance
Nominal Voltage: 400V AC IEC & EN 60309
Voltage Rating: 380V-415V AC Portable Receptacle w/ Hinged Cover
Configuration: 3P+E IP67 Rated
Amperage: 32
Reference Hour: 6
Cable Gland: PG21
Minimum Flexible Cable Terminal Clamping Capacity: 2.5mm
Maximum Flexible Cable Terminal Clamping Capacity: 6mm
Minimum Rigid Or Stranded Cable Terminal Clamping Capacity: 2.5mm
Maximum Rigid Or Stranded Cable Terminal Clamping Capacity: 10mm
Minimum External Cable Section: 12.5mm
Maximum External Cable Section: 19.3mm
Color Reference: Red
Waterproof Rating: IP67  
Seals: Neoprene  
Contacts Material: Copper Alloy
Housing Materials: Toughened PVC
Color: Red/Grey
Dimensions: 195mm x 103mm x 95mm
Weight: 3 lbs
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics GAU-415V-3P4W-32A-C-IP67 Weatherproof Pin and Sleeve Connector is a 32 amp and 380V-415V Volts AC rated connector approved for industrial use. This 3P+E portable receptacle is designed to provide a secure connection for electrical equipment within the general industrial environment. This pin and sleeve connector features a hinged cover and has a maximum operating voltage of 380V-415V AC. This water tight pin and sleeve connector is IP67 rated. This water tight 3P+E pin and sleeve portable receptacle is rated for 32 amps and 380V-415V AC. The GAU-415V-3P4W-32A-C-IP67 industrial connector features toughened PVC construction, a hinged cover, a 32 amp current rating, and a maximum voltage rating of 380V-415V AC. Suggested Applications: Manufacturing, industrial, warehouse, lighting, motor-generator sets, compressors or wet areas.  

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