Larson Welding Extension Cord for 480V - 60amp Service - General Area Use - Includes Additional Plug

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Larson Electronics 480V, 30 Amp, continuous service, 50` Industrial Extension Cord Rated Class 1 Division 1- Groups C & D and Class 2 Division 1 Groups E, F, & G.
The Larson Electronics GAU-EXC-50-30A-P extension cord allows operators to safely extend the range of their welders, lighting or equipment. These units are constructed of 50 feet of 6/4 SOOW explosion proof cord rated at 30 amps of continuous service. The cord is chemical and abrasion resistant and comes with a 30 amp, 3-wire, 4-pole receptacle (ie ADR6034 or cross) installed on one end and a 60 amp, 3-wire, 4-pole plug (ACP6034BC or cross) installed on the other end. We also include an extra matching 60 amp plug for operators to attach to their equipment which allows them to avoid any issues with plug/receptacle-equipment compatibility with this cord.
The receptacle contacts are deep recessed to avoid accidental contact and contain brass contacts designed to exert constant pressure to ensure a secure connection.
Suggested Applications:
Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Explosion Proof Light Fixtures, Grinders, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.

Amp Rating:
Configuration: 4 Pole 3 Wire (ie ACP-6034BC or cross)
Suitable Plug Cable Diameter: .390-1.375”
Receptacle Specs:
Configuration: 4 Pole 3 Wire (ie ACP-6034BC or cross)

Mating Plugs:


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