General Area Use High Bay T5HO Fixture - 480V - 4 Foot 6 Lamp - 324 Watts - 30,000 Lumens


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Specifications / Additional Information
GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V Features
Lamp Type: Fluorescent High Output T5HO Lamps
Dimensions: 48"-L x 16.5"-W x 3.75"-D 20,000+ Hour LED Life Span
Weight: 22 lbs (with bulbs)  
Total Watts: 324 watts  
Voltage: 480V AC  
Beam Angle: 160 degrees
Efficiency: 90.60 Lumens per Watt
Total Lumens: 30,000
Mounting: Surface
Wiring: Pigtail
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V six lamp T5HO high bay fixture provides high lumen fluorescent lamps that provides longer lamp life and higher performance compared to outdated fluorsecent lamps. This fixture operates on 480V and provides 30,000 lumens while only drawing 0.675 amps at 324 watts. The GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V is equipped with six T5-HO bulbs which produce 5,000 lumens each and have a correlated color temperature of 5,000K standard or optional 4100K. The GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V, four foot long, six lamp fluorescent light fixture is designed for those who wish to replace or upgrade from fluorescent equipped fixtures and offers better light output and longer lamp life with reduced maintenance costs. This fixture draws 0.675 amps on a 480V system while offering durability and versatility that common fluorescent fixtures cannot match.
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The GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V operates on 480V AC. This unit is designed to be either surface mounted or hung from cable or chain and includes built in mounts. The GAU-HB-6XT5HO-480V light fixture is ideal for indoor-outdoor applications and suitable for use as general area lighting, shop lighting, work space lighting, garage and warehouse lighting, and anywhere a dependable and low maintenance fixture with high output and efficiency is needed. This light comes with a multi-purpose mounting bracket that can be used for a direct surface mount or reversed and used for chain hanging the unit.
  Lamp Options
  F54-T5/850/HO - 54 watt, 5000 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hour life, 5000K Kelvin color, CRI 85 F54-T5/841/HO - 54 watt, 4100 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hour life, 5000K Kelvin color, CRI 85

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