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GL-3081-M-1227 Golight Stryker Summary/Certifications
Lamp Type: CR5 Pentabeam Bulb 65 Watt, 6.5 Million CP
Dimensions: 6" W x 6" Depth x 7" H Remote Control, 100` Range
Weight: 5 Lbs. Meets Marine Standards for Fresh / Saltwater Use.
Total Watts: 65 watts UV and Weatherproof
Voltage: 120-277V AC 50/60 Hz Universal Voltage 120-277V AC Operation
Lighting Configuration: Tight Focus Spotlight 200 Lbs. Grip Magnetic Base
Amps: 0.54 Amps @ 120V - 0.27 Amps @ 240V
Mounting: 200 Lbs. Grip, Rubber Encapsulated Magnetic Base
Wiring: 20 foot, 16 AWG SEOOW Cord with inline transformer  
Cord Cap: 5-15 Straight, L5-15 Twist, L6-15 Twist, Schuko  
Beam Length:  850+ Feet
Lamp Color Temperature: N/A
Candlepower Retail Rating: 
Candlepower Industrial Rating: 
Weather Rating: Weatherproof
Movement Range: 135°.Tilt - 370° Rotation
Remote Control: Wireless, Radio Control. 433 MHz
' Product Overview '
The GL-3081-M-1227-1227 Camouflage Golight Stryker from Larson Electronics produces a 6.5 million candlepower light beam capable of reaching over 850 feet in distance. This 65 watt Golight offers wireless remote pan and tilt control, single handheld controller, and a housing with durable camouflage finish. This Golight includes a 200 lbs. grip magnetic base and is weatherproof with weatherproof remote controls and operates with 120-277 volt AC 50/60Hz. The GL-3081-M-1227 Camouflage Golight Stryker is designed for use in all weather conditions and produces a powerful 6.5 million retail candlepower. These units feature remote control operation that allows users to rotated the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 135 degrees. Remote operation is provided by a single wireless handheld portable remote over a radio frequency of 433 MHz. This remote includes an internal 12 volt battery rated at 1 year of operation and a single red LED to indicate remote control activity. The remote has a range of up to 100 feet and will operate through walls, within structures, and in vehicles. The remote is constructed of polycarbonate with rubber push pad buttons for weatherproof durability and can be user programmed to operate one or several lights simultaneously. Handheld remotes are 3 inches long by 2 inches wide by 3/8 inch thick.
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Remote Operation: Remote control functions include on/off, and 4 buttons which control up, down, left and right movement. The light will continue movement as long as the buttons are depressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and holds the Golight in position. A fast and slow mode button (turtle/hare) controls the speed of the motor while the pan and tilt function buttons are depressed. Holding the button for 12 seconds in fast mode results in a full 370 degree rotation, and 8 seconds for full tilt. Slow mode is used for pinpoint accuracy at distance and is approximately 35 seconds for full rotation and 20 seconds for one full range of tilt. Durability: The GL-3081-M-1227 Golight Stryker is designed for demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing constructed of high quality ASA Luran thermoplastic that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions. This model comes standard in a durable camouflage finish. Also available are black, white, and chrome finishes. Remote movement of this spotlight is provided by an automotive grade internal motor, gear, and transmission assembly that is constructed of LEXAN, brass, and stainless steel to provide rust and corrosion resistance as well as long life and reliable operation. Magnetic Mounting: This light mounts using our magnetic mounting system consisting of a magnetic base encapsulated in soft rubber which prevents scratching of vehicle finishes and allows it to adapt to uneven vehicle surfaces for a secure grip. The magnetic base is water tight, sealed against intrusion from dust and dirt, and has 200 pounds of gripping force. This base has been tested to 60 mph to ensure effective stability at highway speeds and includes a rubber cord grip for secure power connections. Power: This Golight runs on any voltage ranging from 120 Volts to 277 Volts AC with the included DCP-11-DP inline transformer and 20 feet of SEOOW cord. Operators can run these lights directly from any available wall outlet, 220V, or 277VAC power source. Alternatively, by disconnecting the included DCP-11-DP transformer, this Golight can be powered by any 12 volt DC battery, generator, or vehicle. This light operates with 120 volts AC and draws 0.55 amps. When powered from a 12 volt DC power source, this light draws 5.5 amps, making it ideal for vehicles, boats, ATVs, and similar sources of 12 volt direct current. Light Output: The lamp in this Golight Stryker is a 65 watt CR5 Pentabeam™ bulb which produces 500,000 industrial candlepower, or 6.5 million retail candlepower depending upon which rating system is used. This bulb is paired with a tight focus reflector and thick glass lens to produce a narrow spot beam over 850 feet in length. This beam is effective to the far end of its reach, producing enough illumination to read a book by at 850 feet. This 120 Volt Golight Stryker is ideal for hunting, security, law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, and anywhere high power and remote control functionality are desired. This camouflage Golight Stryker is also ideal for home and commercial security applications with the included inline transformer.

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