Flange Mount Hazardous Location Area Fluorescent Dual UV Fixture - 2 foot, 2 lamp - UV Lamps


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HAL-24-2L-BL-UV-FLGM Hazardous Area UV Light Fixture Ratings/Approvals:
NRTL Listed for United States & Canada Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
Dimensions: 7"W x 25.5"L x 6 1/8"H NRTL Certified to UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type (Saltwater)
Weight: 17 Lbs NRTL Certified to UL 1598A Marine Type
Total Watts: N/A California Title 24 Compliant
Voltage: Multi- 120V-60hz 220V-50hz 240V-60hz 277V-60hz
Low Voltage (Optional): 12-24V DC
LED Lamp Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hours
Efficiency: N/A
Operating Temp Range: T4A rated -30°C to 85°C
Beam Angle: 150°
Color Temp: Ultraviolet - 400nm-315nm, 315nm - 280nm, 280nm-100nm Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Mounting: Flange Intl: 1-903-270-1187
Wiring Hub: 1/2" or 3/4" threaded E-mail: 
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics HAL-24-2L-BL-UV-FLGM Hazardous Area Ultraviolet Light Fixture is NRTL Listed to United States and Canada Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D - NRTL Certified to UL 1598A listed, has a T4A temperature rating and ideal for open air hazardous locations where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors may be occasionally encountered. The HAL-24-2L-BL-UV-FLGM fixture is a 2 foot long, 2 lamp, Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D hazardous area UV fluorescent light and a good choice for use in applications where space is at a premium. This fixture is T4A temperature rated and comes standard with two ultraviolet T8 lamps. The lamps are protected by an aluminum framed hinged glass door secured with four turn latches and the fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy. The lamp reflector is corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum and coated with a high gloss reflective finish. This fixture is multi-voltage capable and is NRTL Certified to UL 595 and UL 1598A Marine Type approved for use marine environments. The HAL-24-2L provides operators in hazardous locations with a highly efficient, reliable and affordable lighting solution for open areas where flammable chemicals and vapors may occasionally be present.
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Ultraviolet Wavelength Options: Ultraviolet A Wavelength produces a longer wave between the 400nm - 315nm spectrum. Ultraviolet B Wavelength produces a shorter wave than the UVA wavelength. These medium sized waves range from 315nm - 280nm. Ultraviolet C wavelength is reduced exceptionally. Some refer to this wave as the `germicidal` wave. The Ultraviolet C Wavelength ranges from 280nm - 100nm. This fixture is multi-voltage capable (not multi-tap) and works on the following voltages: 120 Volt 60 HZ, 220 Volt 50 HZ, 240 Volt 60 HZ, 277 Volts 60 HZ. We also make a 12-24V DC version for low voltage applications (-LV suffix). Our HAL-24-2L-BL-UV-FLGM LED light fixture is NRTL Listed for United States and Canada. Flange Mount Brackets: The HAL-24-2L-BL-UV-FLGM is a flange mount fixture to allow drop in mounting. Suggested Applications: Aircraft maintenance, Oil drilling rigs, Refineries, Solvent and cleaning areas, Chemical manufacturing, Waste treatment plants, Gas processing plants.
Made in USA Quality Lamp Options
1. Each unit dialectically tested. 2. Fixture arrives assembled and lamped to reduce installation time and cost. Adjustable mounting brackets enable the operator to choose any mounting angle for the fixture, where other models may only offer one or three choices. 3. Fixture constructed of extruded corrosion resistant copper free aluminum alloy. 4. Relamping done via 4 turn latches, which enable the operator to unlatch the hinged door and access the lamps. 5. Heavy gauge extruded aluminum reflectors with high gloss reflective finish. Resists dents and corrosion. 6. 1/2" or 3/4", threaded access hole for wiring conduit. 7. Units are capable of being wired end to end in series. Lamp options for UV fixtures are determined by UV range. Operators can specify when ordering- UVA (-A part number suffix), and UVC (-C suffix). T8 bulbs designed for UV applications are used.  The bulb and ballast in our UV fluorescent fixtures are unique to UV applications. UVA(-A) 400nm - 315nm UVB (-B) 315nm - 280nm  UVC (-C) 280nm - 100nm

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