Hazardous Location Emergency Remote Exit Sign - Class I, Division 2 - NEMA 4X - 120V/277VAC


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Specifications / Additional Information
HAL-EMG-EXT-RH Hazardous Location Emergency Exit Sign    Ratings
Listing: United States / Canada Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Lamp Type: LED Class I, Zone 2, Groups IIA, IIB & IIC
Dimensions: 13.5" x 15.5" x 6.25" NEMA 4X
Watts: Vandal Resistant
Materials: Fiberglass  
Voltage: 120/277VAC
Lighting Configuration: Back Illuminated Sign Panel
Mounting: Flat Surface
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The HAL-EMG-EXT-RH Hazardous Location Remote Mount Exit Sign from Larson Electronics is rated Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D and is an ideal emergency exit marking solution for hazardous locations where failsafe reliability is a must. The exit sign is single sided, NEMA 4X rated, and vandal resistant. The HAL-EMG-EXT-RH is an effective option for operators who wish to ensure their hazardous workspaces employ the most up to date and reliable means of marking exit-ways available. This fixture is fully casketed, constructed of fiberglass for corrosion resistance, and is surface mounted to walls or flat surfaces. 
The HAL-EMG-EXT-RH sign panel is back illuminated by LEDs and as a result has a low power consumption and has an extreme LED luminary lifespan rated at 25 years. This fixture is approved for outdoor use and is resistant to saltwater making it suitable for use in marine environments. The unit is universal voltage capable and can operate with 120V-277V 60HZ. The LEDs in this unit produce very effective panel illumination that will be visible through smoke or obstructions making identification and location of exits in emergency situations easier than with typical self illuminated exit markers. An internal nickel cadmium battery provides 90 minutes of runtime during power outrages. An integrated magnetic test switch allows operators to test functionality of the fixture without cutting power to the fixture.
Made in the USA Quality Superior LED Benefits
1. Uniform LED illumination 2. Universal 120V through 277VAC Selectable 3. Fiberglass housing 4. Maintenance free 5. 25 Year LED Rated Lifespan 6. Fully Automatic Operation 7.Clear Acrylic Light Guide 8. High Intensity LEDs 8. Low Power Consumption 9. Fully Electronic Circuit Control 1. Extreme long life. 2. High efficiency and low amp draw. 3. High durability and reliability. 4. Small size and light weight. 5. 100% recyclable. 6. No toxins-lead, mercury. 7. High light output. 8. Consistent color over time. 9. High Versatility. 10. No fragile glass used in construction. 12. Vibration/impact resistant.

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