128W Rear Access Paint Spray Booth Lay-In Panel Explosion Proof Light Fixture - 4ft, 4 Lamp - C1D2


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Specifications / Additional Information
HAL-RA-48-4L-T8 Paint Booth Fixture Approvals/Ratings
UL Listing: United States - Canada Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Fixture Dimensions (With Flanges): 52.375"L x 17.5"W x 3.5"D Class II Division 2 Groups F,G
Hole Dimensions: 50.25”L x 15.5"W T3C (160°C)
Total Watts: 128 Watts ETL listed U.S. and Canada
Voltage: Multi - 120-277 Volts 50/60 Hz
Total Lumens: F32-T8/841 Bulbs 11,800
Lamp Life Expectancy: F32-T8/841 Bulbs 30,000 Hours
Efficiency: F32-T8/841 Bulbs 92 Lm/W
Operating Temp Range:
Beam Angle: N/A
Color Temp: 4100K - F32-T8/841 Bulbs
Mounting: Recessed Panel Mounting
Wiring Hub: 1/2" Threaded NPT
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The HAL-RA-48-4L-T8 from Larson Electronics is a Hazardous Area Fluorescent Rear Access Lay-In Light Fixture that is designed to provide a thin fixture profile that allows the maximum use of available space. This fluorescent fixture is U.S./Canada approved Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D - Class II Division 2, Groups F and G and designed for paint spray booths and locations where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors are present. THIS FIXTURE IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SURFACE MOUNT APPLICATIONS. ***PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS HAZARDOUS LOCATION LIGHT FIXTURE*** The HAL-RA-48-4L-T8 Explosion Proof fixture is a 4 foot long, 4 lamp, Class I Division 2 hazardous area fluorescent light and ideal for use in paint spray booths and hazardous locations where space for lighting fixtures is limited. This fixture is T3C temperature rated and comes standard with four 32W T8/841 bulbs. The rear access paint spray booth fixture features a hinged door on the back side of the fixture, allowing servicing of the lamps from outside of the paint booth. No access to the fixture is done from within the booth.
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Lamps: The HAL-RA-48-4L-T8 comes equipped with four F32-T8/841 fluorescent bulbs that each draw 32 watts while producing 2,950 lumens for a total of 128 watts and 11,800 lumens of light. The bulbs features a 30,000 hour service life and a color temperature of 4100K. Mounting: This fixture is designed for recessed mounting and requires a mounting hole to be made in booth panels capable of accomodating the fixture housing in order to provide the maximum amount of space in paint spray booth enclosures. Once mounted, this fixture`s glass frame will extend 3/8" into the spray booth. The lamp housing is 3-1/2" thick, designed for recessed mounting, constructed of 20 Gauge steel and coated with a baked on white enamel finish. This fixture is multi-voltage capable and is approved for use paint spray booths. The HAL-RA-48-4L-T8 provides operators in hazardous locations with a reliable and durable, low profile lighting solution. Applications: Paint spray booths and enclosed spaces where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors are present.
Made in USA Quality Lamp Options
1. Each unit dialectically tested. 2. Fixture arrives assembled and lamped to reduce installation time and cost. 3. Fixture constructed of 20 gauge steel with a baked on white enamel finish. 4. Relamping done via fixed hinge, drop open door. 5. Reflectors coated with high gloss reflective enamel finish. 6. 1/2 NPT conduit hub for wiring. 7. Integrally mounted magentic cutoff switch for connection to relay system allows automatic shutoff of paint system when fixture door is opened. 8. Low profile fixture housing is only 2 1/4" thick, providing the maximum amount of room in space limited spray booth enclosures. F32-T8/841 - 32 watt, 2950 lumens per bulb, 30,000 hours life, 4100 Kelvin color

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