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Specifications / Additional Information
HALS-ANC-48-4L-LED Hazardous Area LED Lamp Ratings
NRTL Listed for United States & Canada Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Dimensions: W-15" L-49 3/4 " H-6 1/8 " Class II, Division 2, Groups F,G
Weight: 33 lbs NRTL Certified to UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type (Saltwater)
Total Watts: 112 watts (28 Watts per Lamp) NRTL Certified to UL 1598A Marine Type
Voltage: Universal 120/277VAC 50/60Hz California Title 24 Compliant
Total Lumens: 14,000 (3,500 per Lamp) Made in the USA
Lamp Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hours Password Protected Network Controls
Luminous Efficacy: 125 Lumens per Watt No Programming Required
Operating Temp Range: -30 C to 85 C (T4A Rated) Modbus TCP/IP Connectivity
Beam Angle: N/A  
Color Temp: 5300K  
Mounting: Bracket Standard - Pendant/Cable Mount Optional  
Wiring Hub: 1/2" Threaded  
Network Controller Specs  
Dimensions: 1.41" x 3.88" x 3.1"  
Weight: 5 oz  
Network Type: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Port  
Protocols: HTTP, XML, Modbus TCP/IP  
Power Supply: 9-28V DC  
Digital Input: (1) Optically Isolated 4-26V DC  
Current: 950uA @ 4V, 8.5mA @ 26V  
Relay Contacts: (1) SPDT - 240V AC/30V DC Max @ 12A  
Relay Modes: On/Off or Pulsed  
Pulse Timer Duration: 0.1 to 86,400 Seconds  
Input Functions: Monitor, Local Relay Control, Remote Relay Control  
LED Indicators: (4) Digital Input Voltage Applied, Relay Coil Energized, Network Linked, Network Activity
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 57°C
Housing Material: Lexan 940 Polycarbonate Plastic Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Mount: Surface, Wall or DIN Rail Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Password Protection: Yes @ Setup (Base 64 Encoding, 10 Characters)
Connectors: 3-position Removable (Relay- C, NO, NC), 5-position Removable (Power/Input), 8-pin RJ-45 (Network)
' Product Overview '
Made in Texas The Larson Electronics HALS-ANC-48-4L-LED Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture is a connected lighting solution for Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D environments. Modbus TCP/IP capable, operators can setup remote access, controls and configurations using the Modbus TCP/IP network controller (via a standard web browser). ***PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS HAZARDOUS LOCATION LIGHT FIXTURE*** The HALS-ANC-48-4L-LED is a 4 foot long, 4 lamp, Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D hazardous area fluorescent style LED light for use in hazardous areas requiring maximum illumination. This fixture is T4A temperature rated, comes standard with four 28 watt LED bulbs. The lamps are protected by an aluminum framed hinged glass door secured with four turn latches and the fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy. The lamp reflector is corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum and coated with a high gloss reflective finish. This fixture is multi-voltage capable and is NRTL Certified to UL 595 and UL 1598A Marine Type approved for use marine environments. The HALS-ANC-48-4L-LED provides operators in hazardous locations with a powerful, reliable and affordable lighting solution for open areas where flammable chemicals and vapors may occasionally be present. Aevum Network Controlled Lighting Solution: The Aevum Network Controlled Lighting Solution from Larson Electronics enables connected and intelligent illumination using cutting-edge and existing networks. Using Modbus TCP/IP or DALI (for fixtures with dimming features), businesses can seamlessly control lights and sensors from remote locations, without traditional light switches. Web-based panels facilitate real-time monitoring of connected equipment and allows operators to switch units on/off, configure activation settings and more. Businesses may utilize their own systems and software with these controllers, ensuring robust flexibility and cost savings (no contracts). The Aevum Network Controlled Lighting Solution can improve productivity in the workplace by automating basic lighting controls and making lighting controls widely accessible in the facility, via local networks or the internet. Operators also have the option to monitor the status of fixtures from a remote location, which can improve maintenance and reduce downtimes. Controls: Controls for the explosion proof LED fixture is accessible using a web-based control panel. Compatible with HTTP, XML, or Modbus TCP/IP protocols, network configuration is accessible using web-based pages (no programming required). Operators can monitor or setup controls from a remote area using the internet or local IP network and any standard web browser. Functions and controls include: on/off, pulse and monitor. LED indicator lights on the device provide the real-time information about digital input voltage, relay coil, network status and network activity. Password protection for the setup page is available (10 characters maximum). We have eliminated the ballast normally associated with fluorescent fixtures which reduces overall weight, increases lamp life to an extreme 50,000 hours and helps this LED fixture maintain a T4A temperature rating. The solid state design of the included LED lamps give this fixture superior resistance to damage from vibrations and extremes in temperature as well as a lamp service life over twice that of standard T5-bulbs. The 28 watt LED lamps produce more illumination than standard T5 bulbs, but draw only 1/3rd of the current. The current generation of Larson Electronics LED T-series style bulbs produce 15% more light than our HALS-48-4L-LED fixture outfitted with two T5 bulbs. This fixture is multi-voltage capable (not multi-tap) and works on the following voltages: 120 Volt 60 HZ, 220 Volt 50 HZ, 240 Volt 60 HZ, 277 Volts 60 HZ. We also make a 12-24V DC version for low voltage applications (-LV suffix). Standard Surface Mount Brackets: Each surface mounting bracket is attached on each end of the light and allows the operator to adjust the angle of the entire fixture. Pendant and cable mounting options are also available for operators who wish to mount these fixtures away from the ceiling surface. Each is illustrated above beginning left to right; Cable, Adjustable Surface Mount and Pendant. Suggested Applications: Modbus TCP/IP lighting networks, remote lighting networks, paint spray booths, aircraft maintenance, oil drilling rigs, refineries, solvent and cleaning areas, gas processing plants, chemical manufacturing, waste treatment plants, gas processing plants.

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