35 Watt HID Off Road Spotlight - Internal Ballast - 2700' Spot Beam - 3200 Lumens Chrome Housing


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This Acro HID Off Road Spotlight produces a spot beam pattern. Spot beams are used mostly for their distant illumination. HID spot beams are exceptionally intense, many units reaching 2500` +. Beam dimensions for the particular HID measure approximately 2700`L X 80`W. The spot configuration reduces the max width in order to provide more length. Common applications include off road vehicles, boat spotlighting, hunting applications, and heavy duty equipment. The HID Off Road Spotlight is constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum with a chrome and black finish. The unit is completely sealed to prevent water or dust from entering. The HID light is completely weatherproof and can be exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, snow, high winds, sleet,  and hail. The X970 series spotlights are exceptionally durable.  Specifications: * Ballast & Igniter incorporated into lamp housing for easy installation * 35W Xenon D2S bulb * Over 50% less energy consumption compared to conventional lighting * Heavy duty cast aluminum construction with durable chrome & black finish * Uses common 12VDC power * Average current draw @12VDC: Start: 4.8 amp, Run: 3.3amp (in under 60 sec) * Applications include automotive, RV, ATV, motorcycle, marine, emergency service and industrial use * Swivel bracket design * Off-Road tested * Dust and water resistant design * Includes lens cover * Weight: 4lb 4oz * Comes complete with 1 light, ballast, starter and wiring harness * Spot pattern (Approximate pattern 2700`L x 80`W) *The mounting stud is 10mm x 1.25 thread and the standard stud is 2 1/2 inch long overall.   This is a ball head indexing stud and not a standard bolt Here we see a Ford SVT Raptor equipped with 8 of our HID-X970 lights. Off-Road vehicles are typically mounted with HIDs for maximum illumination. Note: Included wiring harness is for 12 volt systems only. Typically, 24 volt systems, including most heavy equipment installations, have existing wiring harnesses with toggle switches that are properly rated for these lights. The 12 volt system includes a relay which handles the initial surge (12-13Amps) in 12 volt systems. This surge is not an issue on 24 volt systems. The relay and switch are only rated for 12 Volts.   12 Volt Switch

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