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This lightweight, ultra rugged, ergonomic handheld Larson Electronics spotlight operates on 12 volts or 24 volts DC and can be used as a spot or flood light. This spotlight comes complete with choice of either a 5" or 7" lens diameter. This Larson Electronics spotlight ships with a 50 foot straight cord with cigarette plug and long life 100 Watt bulb.  The unique reflector and lens configuration produces a 900 foot beam in spotlight mode, making it approximately 5 million retail candlepower rating.  Backed by a 3 year warranty, our new Larson Electronics handheld spotlight is ideal for work, security and hunting and spotting.   This handheld spotlight was designed for a specific purpose and the materials were chosen for the same purpose.  There are many handheld lights with similar configuration, however we noticed that quality and durability does not meet the needs of most of our work oriented and industrial users. The handle and lamp housing support are made from high impact nylon.  The polycarbonate lamp housing is thick and contoured for extra support.  The 16 gauge internal wiring and connectors are simple and well constructed.  The industrial grade, tungsten filament bulb is designed for 1200 hours of life while producing over 5 million candlepower in this configuration.  The impact resistant polycarbonate lens is lightweight, shatter resistant and thermal resistant.   The reflector is uniquely shaped and shallow, capturing and focusing the light efficiently and effectively.  Combined with a convex lens and inset lens positioning, this light optimally and efficiently captures and projects the right amount of light where the operator wants it.  The position of the bulb and the shape of reflector are different than most handheld lighting products.  The difference is in how much of the emitted light is captured and focused.  In many ways, light shares the properties of the water.   With many spotlights, a great deal of the light “spills” on the ground around the light source.  While a beam continues to project, much of the light “spills” out around the source, robbing the desired, projected beam of its power.  Often times, as much as 50 percent of the light is lost.  In the Larson Electronics spotlight configuration, more than 90 percent of the emitted light is captured and focused.  A side benefit of this is a reduction of “casting,” a phenomenon that occurs when the light “spills” around the light source.  Often times, when surrounded by water, snow or other reflective surfaces, the light spillage will cause “casting” which effectively prevents the human eye from adjusting and seeing the objects at distance the spotlight was used to see. The operator can lift the locking tab behind the lamp housing and rotate the lamp head.  Rotating the housing enables the operator to adjust the beam from a wide, soft flood pattern to a tight, spot beam to goes out 900 feet.  Continued rotation to the extreme disconnects the lamp head from the handle assembly, enabling the operator to replace the bulb when necessary.   This ultra-durable handheld spotlight weighs only 13 ounces, which makes it easy to carry and operate.  The unit is balanced for ergonomic comfort and handling.  The ergonomic handle is 4.5 inches long, 1.5 inches deep and 5/8 inch thick, making it easy to hold, even in wet, slipper conditions.  The nylon handle has a no-slip textured surface to improve grip as well.  The booted push button switch is conveniently placed so the user can easily access the switch with their fore finger for quick on/off action. We have changed the wiring and the plug on the current model.  Internally, we added 2 strain reliefs and a wire tie.  Externally, we modified the cord setup.  The previous cord had a multi-layer jacket.  We have switched to a single SPT-2 jacket, bringing the cord all the way into the Deutsch plug terminals.  This should prevent any failure issues that occur when the operator feels compelled to stretch the cord beyond its limit repeatedly.   We have abandoned the multi-spring Asian made cigarette plugs and went back to a US made plug that we attach by hand to the cords.  Optional accessory coil cords have a similar plug that is actually molded on the end of the wire.  The cigarette plugs are a single spring design, which actually holds much tighter in the socket.  We couldn`t find a multi-spring plug that didn`t wiggle easily out of the socket.  The plugs we use now fit tightly into the socket and some work will be required to remove them.  In this way, the operator won`t be struggling with the light blinking on and off every time they move the cord. A 3/8-16 inch brass nut fixture is imbedded in the base of the handle enabling the operator to mount a magnetic base, like our MM-2 or MM-5 to the light.  Alternatively, the operator can tripod mount this spotlight as well.  The Larson Electronics spotlight is designed for easy field maintenance.  Simple internal connectors are accessed through the snap in base at the bottom of the handle.  The lamp housing is easily removed to access the bulb and wiring.    This Larson Electronics spotlight has a lanyard attachment at the top of the handle for users that want to secure the light in the event they lose their grip. Each Larson Electronics comes with a detachable 50 foot straight cord with cigarette plug.  The cord is detached via a weatherproof, 2 pin Deutsch connector which easily and securely attaches and detaches the coil cord from the spotlight.  We made some recent changes to the cigarette plug, reverting back to an American made plug that we attach by hand.  The plug fits tightly into cigarette plug sockets, so wiggling isn`t an issue.  A lot of the Asian made plug simply don`t stay in the socket well when the operator pulls and tugs on the light.  The plug contains a 15 amp fuse. Other cords, including 21 foot cords with ring terminals, 21 foot cord with spring battery clamps (alligator clips) and a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug are available. The materials used in the construction of the light are UV, water, impact and chemical resistant.    This handheld spotlight draws 8.5 amps on a 12 volt system.  The 24 volt version draws 4.25 amps.  This light can be configured to operate on 12 volts or 24 volts DC.  This is done by using a 12 volt, H3 bulb or 24 Volt, H3 bulb.  H3 replacement bulbs are readily available at any automotive store in the US.  All consumer vehicles use 12 volts DC.  Most military vehicles use 24 volts DC.  There is no difference in light output, instead it is a matter of selecting the right voltage light for your vehicle.  If you drive a normal vehicle on normal roadways, you need 12 volts.  Most boats have 12 volts systems as well.   Military vehicles, some heavy equipment and some boats require 24 volts. Please select the appropriate voltage below.   CE CERTIFIED

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