Larson 100W Magnetic Sealed Beam HIR Spotlight w/ Cig. Plug - 3.25" Base - 12 Mil Candlepower - 750' Beam

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The HML-4-200LB-CP from Larson Electronics is a 12 million candlepower sealed beam spotlight that enables the operator to control position of the light beam and place the light securely at any angle on a metallic surface. The magnetic base that this spotlight is attached to is 3.25" in diameter and has 200 pounds of magnetic grip. These magnetic lights are used as military spotlights, searchlights, utility spotlights, roof mount spotlights, hunting lights, work lights, and linesman lights. The HML-4-200LB-CP features vibration resistance that can stand up to use on .50 caliber guns and has been field tested by several branches of the military and is equipped with a 16` straight cord with cigarette plug for easily connecting to vehicles for power.
The HML-4-200LB-CP is a 100 watt sealed beam spotlight that projects 2750 LUX at 25 feet and reaches distances of 750 feet. This sealed beam unit features a halogen infrared reflective (HIR) bulb. This type of halogen bulb achieves a greater light output while drawing the same wattage as traditional halogen bulbs. This greater light output is due to a special coating used on the bulb and capsule that allows visible light to pass trhough while reflecting infrared (IR) heat back onto the filament of the bulb. The specially designed halogen capsule of HIR lamps features a multi-layered thin film coating that allows visible light to pass through while reflecting infrared energy back to the filament. The reflected energy helps keep the filament within this spotlight at its optimum. The life of the lamp is rated at 450 hours and is the brightest halogen light of the ML series.
*Please note that this sealed beam spotlight does not produce light in the infrared (IR) spectrum.*
This magnetic sealed beam spotlight enables the operator to control the rotation and elevation of the light beam. The convenient vertical handle makes repositioning and aiming this spotlight a simple task. As an ideal searchlight configuration, the operator positions the beam by changing the angle of the lamp. These lights will hold their position once the operator positions the beam. The operator can adjust the tension bolts to increase or lessen the "position holding" hinge depending on the amount of vibration in the environment. Interlocking aluminum and stainless steel u-brackets secure the elevation of the light beam once positioned. The lamp head is 6 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep. It weighs only a pound and is 7.5 inches tall. The housing of this unit is UV and salt water resistant. An on/off toggle switch is located on the back of the lamp housing.
Each light comes with a detachable 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug for easy connection to vehicle power.
This light has a magnetic mount base. The magnet is 3.25 inches in diameter and has a 200 pound grip base. Larson Electronics offers magnetic mount plates that can be affixed to non-metallic surfaces such as fiberglass, wood, and concrete (sold separately). This spotlight can even be used on .50 caliber guns for military applications due to its high vibration resistance and extreme durability. The HML-4-200LB-CP also features a vertical handle in the rear of the unit to make repositioning and aiming this spotlight very easy.
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Lamp Type: Halogen Infrared Reflective (HIR) Sealed Beam
Dimensions: 3.5"D x 7.5"H, Lens Diameter: 6"
Weight: 1 lbs
Voltage: 12V DC
Watts: 100W
Lux: 2,750 @ 25`
Candlepower: 12 Million
Lamp Life Expectancy: 450 Hours
Spot Beam: 750`L
Lighting Configuration: Spotlight
Amps: 8.33 @ 12V DC
Wiring: 16` Straight Cord w/ Cigarette Plug
Housing Color: Black
Mounting: 3.25" Diameter, 200 lb Magnetic Base

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